Just Watching the Jordan Doc, Having a Bud

Way back in 1999, Budweiser came out with one of its classic commercials – the “WASSUP!!” commercial. It featured a bunch of friends just calling each other and asking what they were up to, to which they replied, “watching the game, having a Bud”. The ad debuted on Monday Night Football in December 1999 and aired during Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000.

Fast forward 20 years, and all sporting events put on hold; the commercial might seem to have lost its relevance.

But we’re talking Budweiser here; you know they’d come up with something clever. And they delivered.

Here’s an updated version, 20 years later. It’s amazing how the guys have not aged over the past 20 years…

But they didn’t stop there, they created a whole new ad, updated for our times:

Whasssuppppppppppp? That’s all it takes to check-in. Staying connected matters now more than ever.

By the way, the Jordan documentary (The Last Dance) on ESPN is phenomenal. And it pairs quite nicely with a Bud…

*image from Mel Magazine

37 thoughts on “Just Watching the Jordan Doc, Having a Bud

      1. That’s quite a leap to being the best player ever! Part of it may be the high school coach was just a bad coach. I wonder if Jordan has given much thought to it and what his answer would be. I think what you say is definitely a big part of it. My National Enquirer theory is aliens and maybe a monolith like 2001 A Space Odyssey. 🙂

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  1. I thought the original ad was hilarious and it spawned the “Waassssuupppp?” greeting used with my friends until repetition dulled its shine. The return to this classic ad, updated to our current situation, is just plain smart advertising. And they appeared tohave not aged, but that is because the original video has been dubbed in voice-over to replace “watching the game” with “in quarantine”. But the new ad featuring connecting through online video is the best. Great post, Jim! Thoroughly entertaining!

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  2. The ad agency for Budweiser is genius. To bring back a classic social phenomenon and make it relevant to our social distancing to promote their product while hanging out with friends in our technology driven world is freakin genius! I haven’t seen the Jordan documentary so will ave to see if I can find it. Great post! Whaaatsuuuup?

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    1. it really was genius. and if you get espn, you should be able to find the jordan doc – the last dance.

      as for me, just sitting here checking my wordpress stats, hoping there’s no gators around 🙂

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      1. I looked it up and read it. You don’t try to pet a gator! You keep your distance and pay attention to your environment. Just like watching for snakes. Sad to read that tragedy.

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  3. Have to say even though I may not drink a Bud, they were brilliant for creating these commercials!
    Yes, staying connected is so important! Thanks for the smiles! 🙂


  4. Is this what the professors at Villanova do in their downtime? Wassup???

    I guarantee this is the fewest amount of sports I’ve ever watched in my life. I never feel compelled to watch a sporting event again when I already know the outcome. Watching others play video games doesn’t do anything for me, but I did stop to watch two guys playing cornhole for five minutes yesterday. I can’t be getting that desperate, can I?

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    1. not just in our downtime…

      and same here with the sports; although there are probably some things I would watch – rock skipping, rubik’s cube solving, Lego building…

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  5. Omg too funny. Do I ever remember so many friends saying Wassuppppppppp for years, lol, doesn’t get stale. I loved the new dubbed version, brilliant editing! 🙂

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