Are Apple Products Spoiler Alerts?

I know, it’s a weird title. I just read it again, and if I didn’t know what this blog post was about, it would seem also nonsensical.

So let me explain.

According to an article written by Bill Bradley on Huffpost, a revelation by movie director Rian Johnson could change how you watch twist-filled movies.

If you don’t want to have your movie experience ruined with this possible spoiler alert, then stop reading right now, hit the like button, and leave a favorable comment.

Are you ready? Well here is the big reveal.

Johnson claims that Apple will not allow bad guys to use Apple products while on camera in a movie.

If this is true, this could be devastating to movie makers and the audience. The director does not want you to know the bad guy within the first ten minutes of a movie just because he is not using an Apple product. And what true fan of mysteries and thrillers wants to guess who the bad guy is simply by looking for whether he or she uses an Apple product.

There isn’t really much to go on here to know if this is true, except for this claim by Johnson. In fact, a fellow Huffpost reporter found a movie clip that shows a bad guy using what appears to be an iPhone.

But it’s not just in movies where this may have occurred.

Back in 2002, there was a story in Wired magazine that suggested that on the hit TV show 24, the good guys used Macs while the bad guys used PCs.

So what if this is true?

Would knowledge of this secret ruin everyone’s experience of watching a movie?

I think I’d try to take advantage of this insider information.

I’d just quietly sit there while watching a mystery/ thriller and at some point, before it becomes obvious, I’ll smugly announce who the bad guy is.

It will become quite the parlor trick, and I’ll offer up some pseudo-intellectual explanation for how I knew.

Eventually, the world will catch on, and either Apple will no longer be able to have its products in movies, or it will have to change its policies.

So I think the new game in town will be trying to guess who the first bad guy will be that gets to use an Apple product.

So I guess it’s not just product placement that is useful, it’s how and by whom that product is used that is critical.

I wonder what Morgan Spurlock, the producer of the Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which looked at product placement in movies, would have had to say about this?



23 thoughts on “Are Apple Products Spoiler Alerts?

  1. Outside of paid placement for products in film, where the branding and logos are usually in plain view, most props are just look alike versions without logos or trademarked markings, but made to look otherwise exactly like the name brand product they infer. Apple can control the paid placements, but has no say on how the props that simply imitate the brand can be used. I have no fear, that due to this, our future mysteries will still hold all the twists and turns we seek them out for. I love this post immensely! 🎬🎥📱


      1. Yeah, if every gun manufacturer would set the same guidelines, the villains would be showing up to gun fights with knives. Hard to get a six minute fight scene from that. 🤣


  2. I went for the spoiler alert. I think you can definitely use this to your advantage until it becomes common knowledge. Talk about marketing psychology. Good one!


    1. thanks, Shelley. I guess it’s a good thing not too many people read my blog. I can keep this information secret… 🙂

      and there is no doubt that there is probably some subliminal messaging going on here…


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