The Best of Britain’s 2018 Christmas Commercials

I’ve noted before that Christmas commercials in the U.K. are like Super Bowl commercials in the U.S.; it’s one of the highlights of the advertising world.

I’ve already written about my favorite British Christmas commercial of 2018, the ad by John Lewis featuring Elton John. If you missed it, here it is; if you’ve seen it before, it’s just as good as the first time you watched it:

I also wrote about how another British company, Waitrose, had the nerve to poke fun at the John Lewis commercial. (Waitrose and John Lewis are sister companies).

This was just one of six short commercials Waitrose put together for the holiday season, all with the theme, Too Good to Wait, and they are all pretty funny:

And while there are many other British firms that have released Christmas ads this year, I thought I’d just share with you some of my favorites; enjoy.

Lidl, a grocery store chain, put together a series of seven, short ads (20 seconds each), all with a theme of upgrading Christmas. Here’s the playlist:

Very, an online retailer, put together one of my top faves, with a theme somewhat similar to the John Lewis commercial:

Heathrow Airport is back with a crowd favorite, the Heathrow Bears:

Sainsbury’s, a supermarket chain, has put together one of the critics’ favorites:

Here is an ad from Iceland Foods, another grocery store chain that was so controversial that it was actually banned from airing on TV:

And to end things on a more festive mood, here is a clever commercial from Google featuring Macaulay Culkin sort of reprising his role from Home Alone. I’m not really sure if this is a British commercial, but it’s a good one to share even if it isn’t:

Merry Christmas from our neighbors across the pond!