Yay! They’re Back!

It’s Fall Festival weekend at Villanova University, the time of year when our campus is taken over by the Special Olympics.

Held during the first or second weekend in November since 1989, the campus hosts over 1,000 athletes, 400 coaches, 4,000 volunteers, and the many corporate sponsors and media outlets that will provide coverage for the event. A committee of 90 students meets year-round to organize every aspect of the Festival, from staging ceremonies, to managing the budget, to coordinating the thousands of volunteers. The athletes who participate in the Fall Festival will compete in six Olympic-type sports: bocce, long-distance running, power-lifting, roller skating, soccer, and volleyball. All housing and meals for the weekend are provided by Special Olympics Pennsylvania and Villanova University. (Borden’s Blather, 2019)

Last year, unfortunately, there was no Fall Festival because of COVID. I know I missed it, but I cannot imagine how much the athletes must have missed it.

So it was wonderful seeing all of them again this year back on campus, ready to compete and live up to the motto of the Special Olympics:

“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

I wish all the athletes the best of luck and offer my gratitude to the Villanova students who support the event as organizers and volunteers. Watching the athletes and students interact is what makes it my favorite weekend of the year…

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      1. 2020 was a strange and crazy year. One in which many people seemed to have difficulty seeing 20/20. Yes, this year has been much better. Let’s hope things keep improving next year.

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      2. yes, fingers crossed. and when you mentioned next year, for some reason, it made me wish that I was going to be around in 2222; what a celebration there will be on February 22 at 22:22

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  1. I know you’ve written about this beautiful event before. The motto for The Special Olympics is great, but I think it should also be the motto for our lives. I suspect that you are too modest to mention it, but I have in my memory that you are one of the volunteers. Kudos to Villanova, the organizers, volunteers, and athletes for making this a memorable event.

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  2. The value of our lives is not measured in what we do for ourselves, but in what we do for others. In this way, everyone involved is priceless! Villanova can stand proud of its service to the community just as much as it can for its history of great education! Good luck to all the athletes in their endeavors!

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  3. Took my first plane trip in the last year and a half a week or two ago. It was a short one and seemed almost normal. When I told people about my travel plans they expressed more concern about possibly unruly fellow travelers than Covid!

    The most abnormal part of it was the long and difficult journey from where my Allegiant flights began and ended at LAX to the airlines’ position in Terminal 1. After that I understood why a 70 year old desk jockey had to stop twice during the seemingly interminable passage!

    Will be on a longer (holiday) flight next week, so wish me luck, Also, I hope and presume none of the participants at this Fall Fest behaved badly or got infected!

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