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Seth Godin had a short but inspirational post today:

A simple substitute might change a habit.

Instead of a snack, brush your teeth.
Instead of a nap, go for a walk.
Instead of a nasty tweet or cutting remark, write it down in a private notebook.
Instead of the elevator, take the stairs.
Instead of doomscrolling, send someone a nice note.
Instead of an angry email, make a phone call.
Instead of a purchase seeking joy, consider a donation…

For many of these, I think the real fun in life could be found in reversing the above:

Instead of brushing your teeth, have a snack.
Instead of going for a walk, take a nap.
Instead of writing a nasty or cutting remark in a private notebook, share it in public on Twitter.
Instead of taking the stairs, stay home.
Instead of a phone call, send an anonymous, angry email.

and I should have started with this one, it could have saved you some time and pain. So my apologies:

Instead of reading this blog post, read something of value, like The Count of Monte Cristo

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  1. Instead of declaring bankruptcy six times, run for President and tell everyone that no one has ever seen a better deal maker. Oh wait, we had that. 😎

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