I Must Live in a Boring Neighborhood

I have written a few times about how much I enjoy using the Nextdoor app, but after reading a few posts from the Best of Nextdoor Twitter account, I realized we live in a pretty boring neighborhood.

Here are some examples of the messages people have posted in their local Nextdoor app, courtesy of the Best of Nextdoor Twitter app:

Giving vegans a bad name…


I’m guessing the person did not read the instructions on how to set up a poll. Great response rate though…

Like many of the ones I read on the best of Nextdoor, I’m not sure if this is a real one…

Sounds like this neighborhood has quite the Neighborhood Watch organization as well…

Is Ryan a plant for the leasing company?

I’d be curious how many responses he got…

Sounds kind of shady…

I assume orthopedic surgeons feel the same way…

This is a lot to digest…






Other sources:



128 thoughts on “I Must Live in a Boring Neighborhood

  1. I forecast that Nextdoor is one of those good ideas that eventually will run amuck because too many people are involved in privacy issues. Reporting someone for parking inside their garage instead of in their driveway? How scandalous! 🀣 I’d say somebody has too much time on their hands.

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    1. there are a lot of nosy neighbors with too much timeon their hands.

      but I also wonder how many of these are people just trying to be funny; I know I’ve been guilty of that a couple of times on Nextdoor…


      1. In the development behind us when we go on walks we have passed a house where the garage is open and it has a big flat screen tv in it, along with 2 recliners. I am thinking its the man’s den. LOL!

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      2. There are some men like that in y neighborhood. I always see them in the garage when I walk or drive by. I wonder if they are allowed in the house. By the way, it is hot as hell in the garage during the summer.

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      3. Yes, it makes you wonder whether the garage is like being kicked out into the doghouse! I can believe that it is HOT, especially in Texas. Its hot enough in the garages here! Brad sure doesn’t want to watch TV from the garage! If I made him do that then you all would have an ACTUAL reason to say “Poor Brad!” LOL!

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  2. Oh my gosh! Yeah, I may have …”smacked my head”… on the garage one and the last one as I laughed out loud at the last line!
    Please tell me how circumsion and drinking alcohol….Actually no, don’t answer. LOL!

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  3. My sister was telling me about this app and I was telling her sure, sure don’t think I’m interested but seriously now I want to download it! It’s pretty freaking addictive LOL like reading good memes but these are real people’s lives?!!? πŸ˜±πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸ™ Thank you for the introduction LOL

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  4. Darn you… I’ve been reading the tweets for HOURS!!
    I love the people who are angry about food on their property and plan to call police! Yet the people with a THIRD abandoned cessna in their driveway seem to take it in stride!

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  5. Now I’m so tempted to download this app. I don’t know which of these amused me the most. I really want to think the pediatrician was an autocorrect issue, but I know it wasn’t. I have no idea why circumcision would make a boy more prepared to drink alcohol. And the cheese on the windshield befuddles me. Maybe if they parked in the garage? But that might get them reported…

    I know I’m going to download this app and lose hours of my life to this nonsense.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. When I read your comment about moving, I thought to myself that you would have probably mentioned that in one of your posts. I went back and noticed that my WP Reader had not updated your feed for me at all, so I clicked on it anyway and noticed that I had missed a few of your recent posts. My apologies – and congrats and best of luck with your move!

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    1. my wife told me about the bees one – that is one of the crazier ones, and I wonder if it’s true.

      and I did read the one about the sunflower spycam; people are just crazy…


      1. My neighbor is paranoid… had herself convinced that the super nice neighbors on the other side had reported her for cursing about her job. One, I doubt they even know that. Two, who are they gonna call for someone cussing – at home – about work? Three – she helps patients with paperwork… she’s not an RN, doc, or other direct caregiver. No wonder she smokes so much pot!

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  6. OMG, Jim, these are hilarious. It’s amazing the many things that upset people and what they do about them. Venting is what blogs are for, don’t they know that? LOL Calling the police about someone who starts using their garage instead of parking in the driveway – from the ridiculous to the sublime. πŸ™‚

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      1. I’ve found a couple of funny ones on our neighborhood one, but the ones I shared came from a twitter site that does gather “the best” of nextdoor from all over the world…

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      2. Yes, I can see that from your posts. They are fun to read, but you have read for hours to read them. I just look up stuff, post, and respond. Do over. Maybe I should try reading. πŸ™‚

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      3. Great expectations hanging on you, Jim. Great expectations! AND, you only have about 15-20 years to do it in. I’ll be almost 90 in twenty years, and my family lineage doesn’t go any longer than that.

        I’ll need a check off list to start! πŸ™‚ LOL

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  7. That is hilarious and we have similar remarks on our local Facebook groups. Teenagers can no longer cycle to school without wearing a cycle helmet without some person alerting all parents and dog walkers can upset dog haters and dog lovers alike.


  8. This is great – your neighbourhood sounds a bit more fun than mine, I’m inspired to start a cheese vandalism thread on ND over here. Seems like many of us bloggers are inspired by ND. Backlinking your post to mine, cool for Uk folks to see what USA ND is like.

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