Music Monday: The Greatest Flute Solo of All Time?

Could it be something by Ireland’s James Galway?

Or what about a performance by the American jazz flutist Herbie Mann?

Or maybe even something from Scotland’s Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull?

Well… no, no, and no.

It comes from someone you would never expect, but here it is, and you can judge for yourself:

And a special shout out to Ron Burgundy for playing a little riff from Aqualung by Jethro Tull. Greatness recognizing greatness. (although the original version of Aqualung had no flute playing in it…)

And by the way, Anchorman also has one of the best fight scenes in movie history…

115 thoughts on “Music Monday: The Greatest Flute Solo of All Time?

  1. Will Ferrell is about as silly as they come. I don’t like most of his movies, as his silliness is usually too over the top for me, but I did like him as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman. And that fight scene was awesome.

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      1. mYbe if I just start recording more videos of myself singing, a label will find me…

        or the other possibility is that YouTube shuts me down for inappropriate content…

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      2. I’ll just keep mentioning movies that are more and more juvenile, but in such small increments that you won’t even notice, and before you know it, you’ll be saying how great Napoleon is… πŸ™‚

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  2. I haven’t seen Anchorman. Will Ferrell is an enigma. He’s been in some pretty good movies but also some terrible ones.

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