This Might Be One of the Best Months for Sports, Ever

In no particular order:

Wimbledon. (tennis)

Tour de France. (cycling)

The British Open (or more correctly, The Open). (golf)

The European Championships. (football/soccer)

The NBA Finals. (basketball)

The NHL Finals. (ice hockey)

The Olympics. (multiple sports)

Copa América. (football/soccer)

MLB All-Star Game (OK, this might be stretching it a bit…) (baseball)

And thanks to my work schedule, my TV remote control has never gotten such a workout.

If I had to pick the event I am most excited about, it is probably the swimming events at the Olympics. As a former competitive swimmer, it’s easier to fantasize that it’s me going for the gold medal. For some reason, I have trouble picturing myself going in for a dunk against Giannis…

My least favorite would probably be the NHL Finals. But if the Philadelphia Flyers were in the finals, it might be a different story. But even when they are not, there’s still a good chance I’ll catch some of the action.

So what a month.

One more, or in this case, nine more, reasons to love Summer…

58 thoughts on “This Might Be One of the Best Months for Sports, Ever

  1. Yes, it’s a great summer for sports. Think of the throngs of fans who will spend the summer staying indoors and watching sports on TV. Summer is such a beautiful season.

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  2. This year the MLB All Star game might top my list because of Shohei Ohtani. He’s leading the majors in home runs. He’s the only player in history, I believe, who made the team as a pitcher and a position player in the same year. The Olympics and the other events will be fun, too.

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  3. About the only one I won’t watch at all is The Tour de France. I’m not much of a fan of the all-star games as they typically are just meaningless exhibitions. As soon as I see the competitive level go up, my interest does too.

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    1. I like the Tour de France becuase they seem to be the ultimate endurance athletes. and I could do without the all-star game, although the home-run contest is kind of fun to watch…

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  4. I think you missed one ….. The British & Ireland Lions v South Africa (rugby). Probably not something you can get where you are, but it’s an event that takes place only every 4 years as The Lions visit in turn South Africa, then Australia then New Zealand. It’s very big over here with thousands of British fans travelling for a whole month. I’ve done it myself once visiting South Africa in 1997.

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  5. Although I have my favorite sports which garnish the majority of my attention, when you get to the finals or a premier contest of any competition, I am always eager to watch. It is exciting to watch athletes at the peak of their performance no matter the sport. That being said, I am most excited about the upcoming Olympics. With competitors from all over the globe, vying in so many lesser watched sports, to be the best in the world, after waiting five years, how does it get any better than that? Great post, Jim!

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  6. A great month to spend in front of my tv! I won’t be doing the American ones – sorry, but they just don’t appeal. Nor the Tour de Pharmacy. But I’ll be there for the Olympics and the Open. The two best ones for me are Wimbledon and, of course Euro 2020. I’ve watched just about all I could of that, and am rather looking forward to Sunday’s final. Just one complaint: you left out the cricket 😉

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      1. I doubt many of your readers would be interested! Just the regular set of county and international games at present, but the shortest form of the game – T20 – has its World Cup starting in October. But it has been postponed once and had its location changed twice due to Covid so don’t hold your breath!

        I’m still on cloud nine after last night!

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      2. I just had a look at YouTube to see if there are any videos explaining the game. There are, but they aren’t that good, especially the one from wikiHow which is done from an American perspective, and is hopeless – you probably already know more than it gives you!

        This could be harder than I thought…

        On a brighter note, season 2 of Ted Lasso lands in a couple of weeks, and season 3 has been commissioned.

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      3. I know almost zero about cricket, but I am interested to learn a bit more.

        And thanks for the heads-up on Ted Lasso; hopefully the second season will be as good as the first one…

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      4. I’ll try to find you something worth watching and let you have a link.

        I’m looking forward to the new Ted Lasso, they left it well placed for the new series.

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  7. it’s amazing! and as a hockey fan, I was excited about the Stanley cup, though I wanted Montreal. I super excited for everything olympic and happy about the good matchup of uk vs Italy on sunday, though not a huge soccer fan. there is one important one you forgot – tonight are the finals of the scripps spelling bee!

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    1. I was kind of rooting for Montreal as well. No need for Tampa Bay to get greedy…

      And thanks for the reminder about the spelling bee! I should have included it!

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    1. I still remember swimming in the same meet as Jonty Skinner, a great South African swimmer, when he broke a world record. He was favored to win the gold medal that year at the Olympics, but South Africa was still banned at the time…

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  8. Methinks you just might be a sports fan?

    I have been an avid follower, and participant, of most all types of sports for most of my life. In retirement, I tend to gravitate now mainly when one of my particular favorites is involved, but those favorites are aging quickly as am I. That would include Roger Federer, Lebron James and Tiger Woods. Of those three, I did meet Tiger briefly at one his last amateur tournaments. I also got comp’ed tickets to watch all four rounds of his professional debut in Milwaukee back in 1996. My youngest son and I were standing near the tee box when he got his hole-in-one.

    Since I grew up in Milwaukee, and still have lots of friends there, it is exciting for us to have the Bucks in the finals once again. The series could definitely go either way, regardless of what happens in tonight’s game 5.


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    1. I do love sports, t perhaps not as much as I used to.

      And I’ll agree with you on Tiger and Roger, but I was always a Kobe fan, Part of that is that he plaed high school basketball in the town right next to ours. I wish I could say that I saw him play back then, but I never did.

      That must havebeen great to meet Tiger and to then atch his professional debut; did you have the sense that he was going to be as good as he became?

      And I have to adut he did not graduatemit to rooting for Phoenix, only because of Mikal Bridges who played college basketball at Villanova, ,where I teach. I know Donte, another Villanova player, plays for the Bucks, but I think he is out for the playoffs.

      In the end though, I don’t have a vested interest in the finals, since I am a 76ers fan…

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      1. Before that amateur tournament I saw Tiger play in (The Western Amateur in ’96), I had a chance to watch Tiger play an entire round when he was a freshman for Stanford and they played a collegiate match in nearby suburban Chicago. Tiger’s entire “following” in that tournament included his mom, Tida, a couple cousins, Tiger’s amateur caddy who was also my good friend, and yours truly. I was able to go right up to the green and actually watch Tiger line up his putts. That sure changed in a hurry!

        Of course I had no idea how incredibly dominent he would quickly become. But I could definitely see some special things. I remember him taking a 2 iron out on a par 5 and knocking it over a bunker that was at least 280 yards away.

        It’s a fun (and has the bonus of also being true) story that I can, and have often told.

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