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A couple of months ago the remote for our Samsing TV stopped working. We replaced the batteries, but to no avail.

My first instinct was to see if there was a remote app I could download from the app store to replace the physical remote, and indeed there was. In fact there were many to choose from.

I went with the SmartThings app, which seemed to be tied into Samsung devices.

The app works fine, but it is slow and awkward.

For example. we can use the app to navigate to the YouTube TV app, record a show, and then play it at a later day. So far, so good.

But every time you want to fast forward through a commercial, you have to start the app again, and then make sure you are touching the forwared arrow in just the right spot (hard to do because you have to be looking at the TV to see how far to advance it, and so you end up pressing the wrong part of the app screen. As I said, it’s both slow, and awkward.

But it does work, and there is no need to worry about losing your physical remote.

However, after a couple of weeks, we just couldn’t take it any longer.

So we decided to order a repalcement remote.

It arrived yesterday, and what a difference it has made.

We didn’t realize how much we took that remote for granted. Well, no longer.

It is so much easier to use than the remote app. It’s also faster and more accurate.

The physical remote cost $15, while the remote app was free.

But I think it’s one of those times where you get what you pay for…

57 thoughts on “Physical Remote > Remote App

  1. I’m constantly losing my bedroom tv remote. After similar app frustration, I bought a spare. And I applied small glow stickers to each, to make them easier to find. One has been missing for weeks but that’s mainly due to me not caring enough to really search for it.

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      1. The missing remotes must be partying with the missing socks!!

        I once found a missing sock months later. Still had it’s mate. Paired them up then lost the pair!!

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      2. Here’s your chance to make a million!!

        I was looking at more Roku remotes and a lot now come with ridiculous covers. Since they aren’t prone to breaking I wonder if they’re meant to prevent loss.

        Waaay back when, a friend learned about people cutting their hands when slicing bagels. He was ready to invent something and quite disappointed when I said many people already did so!


  2. I want a go-back button on the remote. There are so many functions that I don’t need. I can’t be the only one who inadvertently hits a button just to spend the next half hour trying to figure out what happened.

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      1. I feel a Borden’s Blather article coming up. There must be a study on what moments in our lives we’d like a do-over.

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  3. This reminds me of all those times I’ve mistaken our cordless phone for the TV remote, and tried to change channels with it. I’d like a physical remote that doesn’t look like a phone. Not even remotely.

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  4. Remotes can be such a pain! Took me awhile to learn how to work the remote for the elderly lady I take care of. I was like, well you may be able to watch a movie by tomorrow! Now its no problem but she better never get a new Tv. LOL!

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  5. Iโ€™d have gone for the replacement, too. My tv providerโ€™s remote works with my TV set as well as their remote, as does the Apple TV remote, and Iโ€™d be lost without either of them. Apple provide an iPhone app for the Apple TV, but if it can switch my tv on and off Iโ€™ve yet to find out how!

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      1. I agree, and it canโ€™t be that hard to do: most boxes come with a list of codes to link them to a brand of tv, so why canโ€™t they all do it?

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  6. The tv in my guestroom is really getting on my nerves lol it’s so dang so and I feel like it’s possessed lol but I’m too lazy to call the cable company (my husband is convinced it’s the service m not the tv) and luckily it’s not our main tv in the house so I’ve not really cared as much… You get what you give… ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

    But you’re right, sometimes you get what you paid for and change the littlest inconvenience can make the biggest difference!

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    1. there’s the chance when you call the cable company they will blame it on the tv, and vice versa…

      but yes, it’s nice when you can find a way to fix life’s little inconveniences, especially for just $15 ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Always encouraging to read someone else lives in my world of loss. It happens everyday with something I need. I don’t realize I need what ever it is till I can’t find it. acceptance is the key at my age, losing come with the territory, aging is frustrating and just down right hard at times, unless you can laugh about it. I like your sense of humor. Blessings.

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  8. Hi Jim, your remote experience sounds a lot like my new computer. The mouse is embedded in a panel at the bottom and it is so difficult to use. I am now using an external mouse.


  9. We lost 2 remotes in the past few months, just like you, just kaput, no battery could help. I ordered a cheap universal Phillips remote on Amazon and presto! ๐Ÿ™‚

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