Music Monday: Promising Country Band “Bexar”

I was in the mood for discovering an up-and-coming country artist, and Google did not disappoint.

I typed in “rising country music stars” and the first result was from the web site Sounds Like Nashville with an article titled HERE ARE 17 NEW COUNTRY ARTISTS TO WATCH IN 2021.

I started scrolling through the list of artists and I didn’t get too far when I came across this description:

Imagine an apartment house where Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers and The Lumineers all live under the same roof, and you’ll understand what Bexar sounds like. Fronted and founded by Chris Ryan and Logan Turner, the band’s name is pronounced “Bear” and it’s named after the Texas county where Ryan grew up, but this is an only-in-Nashville kind of partnership. They met after a random co-writing matchup and quickly discovered something greater than the sum of its parts, fusing Turner’s progressive-roots musicianship and Ryan’s charismatic storytelling. Check out the propulsive “Again” for a preview of their organic country pop.

I like all the bands mentioned, so this looked pretty promising, and it was.

The first song I listened to was the one mentioned above – Again, and I was hooked.

So I started listening to some of their other songs, and this is the one I liked best:


Here’s the chorus from this uplifting song:

One day, we’re gonna be rich
Yeah, we’re gonna figure it out
One day, we’re gonna be it
We’re gonna have it a-a-a-all
Close your eyes and take my hand
We’rе gonna wake up in the promised land
Onе day, why don’t we make today day one, babe?

I certainly hope they figure it out and one day wake up in the promised land…

30 thoughts on “Music Monday: Promising Country Band “Bexar”

  1. One of the beauties of music is there will be our old stand-bys interspersed with new music. I’d give this one decent marks, but it’s not exactly in my wheelhouse as I prefer rock.

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  2. A wonderful find, Jim. Country music’s future remains bright with new bands like this. I enjoyed this song and am off to find more of their music. Great share, my friend!

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  3. Thanks for the tip. I looked at the list and haven’t heard of any of them! This was pleasant enough, as was ‘Again,’ but I’m not sure they’ll set the world alight – there are many similar bands out there. They are featured in Apple Music’s current ‘Country Risers’ playlist, though, so maybe bigger things are ahead for them?

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    1. It is hard to break through, perhaps what they need is a woman on lead vocals…

      I guess you can’t underestimate the power of being featured on such a playlist…

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      1. There are so many trying to break through, so they’ll have a hard job. I’m not sure a female singer would fit their style, and there are loads of those around too! I don’t know how long they have been on that playlist, but it is updated every Friday. Given that their first single was released in November 2016 they are probably finding that it takes a lot even to be considered as a ‘new band to watch.’

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      2. True, and I guess the lack of live shows over the past year will have had a hugely negative impact. That’s where social media comes in: I’ve watched a lot of livestreams on YouTube and Facebook.

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      3. And quite a few others! Those were a highlight, though, as were the songs Mary Chaplin Carpenter posted each Sunday, Sarah Darling’s Campfire Sessions (still going) and Kate Rusby’s wonderfully named #SingySongySessions.

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      4. I featured one of Kate’s in a post, but she did a lot – I’m guessing around 30 or so. Sarah Darling is on her Facebook page Sundays at, I think, 2pm CT. Beautiful voice, very natural personality. I’m thinking of putting her into my next Under The Covers post.

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    1. I think pronouncing it “Bear” is the proper Spanish pronunciation. But if you go to Llano county, the proper Spanish pronunciation is “YAH-no.” But do Texans say that? No, as I found out the hard way while deejaying at KHLB. No, you crazy Texans pronounce it, “LAN-o.”

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      1. that’s quite a difference in pronunciation. I probably would have said LAN-o and Beks-ar if I didn’t know any better. I wonder if the French cringe every time we talk about the football team at Noter Dame…

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