More Free Publicity for Wawa!

Normally, I don’t like to write about the same topic this close together, but I figured this was a legitimate exception because of the timing of the topic.

A few days ago I wrote a blog: Kate Winslet and I Share an Unbreakable Bond – Wawa, in which I noted that the Netflix show Mare of Easttown, starring Kate Winslet, prominently features Wawa, a local convenience store chain. I also noted how seriously Kate seems to take her role and worked hard to learn the local accent

I guess the writers at Saturday Night Live must read my blog for ideas, because the very next night one of their skits was about Mare of Easttown, and you guessed it, Wawa was featured again, as well as the accent that we supposedly have around these parts. I’ve never noticed such an accent, but I guess locals never notice the accent they and everyone around them speaks with.

Here’s the skit as a bonus, the skit also features Elon Musk, the guest host this past week:;

I’m going to go with the old chestnut that all publicity is good publicity, which would mean Wawa must have been thrilled to be mentioned on SNL.

I also wonder if Elon is now a fan of Wawa, which means we could see Wawa coffee and hoagies on the next SpaceX mission.

If so, then Wawa’s new motto could be: “Our products are out of this world.”

You read it here first, folks…

82 thoughts on “More Free Publicity for Wawa!

      1. And then you serve her Shoo-fly pie for dessert, I’ll bet. That poor lady. You know, if she dies from eating all this poison, you’ll have to find another job.

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    1. I’ve never heard of the Philly accent being similar to a California accent, but as an insider, it’s hard to notice…

      water ice – yummy!


      1. SNL’s accents in The Californians are exaggerated combinations of Valley and Surfer. The best part is when they talk about driving routes, because we totally do that!

        The Philly accents had a lot in common. But we don’t say wooter.

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      2. wooter was a little exaggerated, but we are known for the unique way we say water…

        and who doesn’t like talking about driving routes? 🙂


      3. But we do it in nearly every convo. And there’s our infamous use of “the” before any freeway reference (and using their numbers instead of names… The 405 instead of The San Diego Frwy).

        Q: Is asking someone you just met, “what do you do for a living?” offensive there? It’s standard convo, seeking more topics to discuss. But someone from the East had a bitch-fit, thinking people ask as a way to judge.

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      4. Yeah… it was clearly some kid of trigger for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was snotty when replying, so the person excused themselves, and she took it as them deeming her job made her not worth their time. Personally, I say “software tester for medical devices” and it almost always starts a convo.

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  1. That was fantastic, and reminiscent of sketches which have been done here making fun of regional accents and their incomprehensibility. I’m a big fan of Kate McKinnon, who has given us so many great moments on SNL and elsewhere: have you seen the movie Yesterday? She was superb in that. Just one question: what are hoagies?

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    1. Kate McKinnon is great in everything I have seen her in. I have seen Yesterday, and loved it for a variety of reasons, one being Kate. Hoagies are like zeps, heroes, grinders, and subs… 🙂

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      1. it was a good movie; and in a related genre, I thought Blinded by the Light was one of the best movies I’ve seen in 40 years…

        glad I could help explain what a hoagie is 🙂

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      2. I’ve not seen that yet, waiting for it to come back to the streaming services. I’ve heard others say it is good too, so will keep on the lookout.

        So many names for the same thing, and no doubt you pronounce them differently from how they do it in Texas…

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  2. LOL THE SKIT 😱😭😭 Is that what people in that town sound like? 😁 I’m skeptical bc when ppl make fun of Canadians they don’t often get the accent right or they assume every Canadian speaks with the same accent when really it depends where in Canada you’re from- the west, east and inbetween!

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    1. it is a bit of exaggeration, and growing up around here I don’t really pick up on the accent. I think anyone outside the area is the one with the accent. And Canadians do get picked on for their accent 🙂

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  3. I loved that clip. Reminds me of a favourite Scottish detective series often sent up – ‘he’s bin murrrderred’. But it’s also a good send up of police dramas from all over the world, including the sub titled Scandi Noir that are so popopular.

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    1. there are so many wawas and they are so well run, that lines usually aren’t a problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday there are some billboards in space!


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