Another Hat Tip to Seth Godin

It’s been a while since I wrote about one of Seth Godin’s blog posts, even though I read it every day. It seems like many of his posts are a variation on a common set of themes. Since I have read so many of his posts over the years, I often recognize what the thrust of his post will be before I get to the end.

However, I found today’s post quite enlightening. And like many of his posts, it is short and sweet and gets right to the point; no blather in his writing…

Here’s the title of his post: A simple missing word

and here’s the post itself:


You can append it after any sentence related to your journey of achievement and contribution.

“I haven’t finished the project”

“I haven’t learned how to juggle”

“I haven’t made the sale”


And along the way, “Yet” turns “can’t” into “haven’t.”

Yet isn’t the result of brazen persistence. It’s what we earn with learning, insight and generosity”.

It’s a great way to think about what you hope to accomplish in life.

Here are things I’d like to do, but have not done at this point. Adding the word yet makes it seem so much more possible:

  • I haven’t jumped out of an airplane, yet.
  • I haven’t met Bruce Springsteen, yet.
  • I don’t have 10,000 followers in WordPress, yet.
  • I haven’t had Anna Kendrick sent out a tweet telling her seven million followers to like all of my posts, yet.
  • I haven’t run out of my house with all my clothes off, screaming about socialism, yet. (just a warning to the neighbors…)
  • I haven’t gotten into a daily meditation habit, yet.
  • I haven’t had Springsteen or Kendrick file a restraining order against me, yet…

So what about you; are there some things that you can add the word “yet” to your list of dreams and goals,  to make sure you give such goals and dreams the proper perspective.

Oops, I gotta go, my cellphone is ringing. The display indicates the following:


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here…

46 thoughts on “Another Hat Tip to Seth Godin

  1. what if you use it in a different way, such as: ‘i really didn’t want to eat the whole pizza, yet…..”. this way it is used when you try to state your intention and then why you didn’t follow through on that intention -maybe blaming something or someone or circumstances for why something happened?

    p.s. i really hoped my response would make sense, yet….

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  2. “Yet” is agreeably a very powerful word. It is a word which seemingly offers unmeasured time. It leaves the door open to any endeavor or accomplishment to be met. But as we are mortal creatures, our “yets” become shorter with each passing day. Especially for those of us who have less days ahead than we have behind us. That being said, let’s get you in a plane and shove you out, my friend. With a parachute, of course! And the only thing keeping you from running out of the house naked, screaming about socialism, is modesty, the front door, and a rationally-minded spouse..

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  3. I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin I’m currently learning about marketing and his books are a great go to source for information. I write book summaries at mostly the marketing and self-help genre.

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