It’s just not the same

I’ve always viewed it as one of the signs of spring.

The Masters Golf tournament.

The azaleas, the dogwoods, the manicured greens.

The crowds.

And Tiger Woods.

The tournament is usually scheduled to end the second Sunday in April. However, due to COVID-19 it was rescheduled to this weekend in November.

I had the chance to watch a good part of the first round today and while it was great to see Tiger doing so well it just didn’t feel like the Masters.

It’s still a beautiful course, but just not as colorful as it usually is. And one of the announcers noted that there are two and a half fewer hours of daylight now versus April. And there is no crowd.

Despite all of this I am sure that if Tiger Woods stays in contention I’ll be glued to the TV for the next three days…

8 thoughts on “It’s just not the same

  1. It is just weird to watch sports and not hear the roars and groans of the crowd. The players all comment about how they miss the crowds too. I don’t usually watch much golf, but I pay attention to the majors or when Tiger is in contention.

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  2. It was strange to see the course in its fall colors and minus the crowds. Usually it is bursting with color. Like Pete, I miss the roar of the crowds showing their appreciation for exceptional golf. But at least they continue to play. I am excited to see what Tiger has in store for the final rounds.

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  3. Living just a few miles from “The National”, it’s very different. The area doesn’t have tens of thousands of people flooding the local economy with cash at local stores and filled to capacity hotels and restaurants. The grass is different, the lighting is different ….almost everything is different. Another casualty of COVID

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  4. everything is different this year, but we have to pick the positives happening in their new form and enjoy them. as long as the green jacket still exists and hasn’t changed to fall colors…)


  5. I will be surprised if Tiger can keep this up for four rounds. Dechambeau’s length is a huge advantage. He played badly and was still 2 under. I like sports without fans. It’s more fair. Here’s to three more unique and interesting rounds.


  6. I agree Jim. The Masters being played in November seems odd, but it is a sign of the times. Thank goodness there are no spectators, given the vicious character of Covid. Take care of yourself.


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