Bathroom Habits in the U.K. and the U.S.

Yes, apparently I have gotten that desperate in keeping my blogging streak alive.

But in my defense, I came across this information from one of my more recent go-to sources for blog material – Study Finds, so it’s not like I was randomly seeking out articles about people’s bathroom habits.

A survey commissioned by Homecure Plumbers used Amazon’s Mechanical Turk network to reveal the bathroom habits of 1,128 people from the United States and the United Kingdom. Here are some of the interesting, and occasionally disgusting findings, with my comments in parentheses:

  • 92 percent take their mobile phone to the bathroom (GUILTY)
  • 60 percent are checking social media (GUILTY)
  • 49 percent are checking the news (GUILTY)
  • 4 percent admit to eating while sitting on the toilet (NOT THAT I CAN RECALL)
  • 11 percent have taken phone calls while on the toilet (GUILTY)
  • 4 percent have even taken a nap (OK – I KNOW I’VE NEVER DONE THIS…)
  • 18 percent admit to participating in a conference call with work (GUILTY)
  • 27 percent say they don’t always wash up after urinating (GROSS)
  • 14 percent don’t always wash their hands after pooping (GROSSER)
  • 2.5 percent of people between 45 and 54 years old actually admit to never cleaning up after going “number two.” (GROSSEST)
  • 33 percent admit to using a bathroom trip to “escape” family members or roommates (THAT’S WHAT MY CAR IS FOR)

I wonder what Homecure Plumbers is planning to do with these results. Perhaps the company can install voice reminders in public bathrooms that tell people to wash their hands before they leave.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I have never written a blog post from the bathroom…

*image from Commercial Integrator

45 thoughts on “Bathroom Habits in the U.K. and the U.S.

  1. I laughed out loud to two of these: eating while sitting on the toilet. (While I’m here, I think I’d like to eat a cheeseburger with fries.) and taking a nap while on the toilet. (Seriously? Nothing says comfort like grabbing some shut-eye while doing your business.)

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  2. I was very surprised as petespringerauthor was about eating and napping on the john. I’d like to know the percentage who have dropped their phone in the toilet. When flying coach on a long flight, I’ve used the toilet as a refuge to enjoy a bit of personal space and privacy. At work, I knew one guy who never washed hands after using the bathroom. I think he thought it was a waste of time. I thought it was pretty disgusting. He became CEO of a Fortune 500 company so maybe he had the right priorities. I still think it is disgusting.

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  3. Interesting findings. I know that lots of people don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom which I find rather shocking. I am fantastical about hand washing and always have been. My one son uses the bathroom to escape his home schooling. I’ll let you guess which one.

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  4. Not a blog post, but I have been known to make notes for a story from the bathroom. Mostly in the middle of the night, but occasionally in the morning. Otherwise… sudoku.

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  5. It would appear that I am not using my bathroom time to its fullest extent. I usually go in, do my business, wash my hands (as everyone should), and leave. I had know idea that I could put that time towards so many other endeavors. I feel a bit a bathroom poetry coming on, or is it that curry I ate?

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  6. the food one grosses me out the most, and i kind of get the falling asleep one, maybe the first time someone had to stop and sit still al day. ))

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  7. Do they split the survey results by country? I’d be interested to see if there are any big differences, along the lines of who is more gross! I rarely take anything in there with me, and the thought of chatting on the phone while having to explain or apologise for the sound effects appals me! As for eating – why? As a comedian here once said, you may as well just throw it down the toilet and cut out the middleman 😉

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  8. We all know likes and page views from those on the toilet don’t count! 😄

    I’ve only done a call on the toilet if caught short and the person doesn’t get the hint to finish the call!

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