Music Monday: Sarah Blackwood of W.O.T.E. with a Beautiful Lullaby

I started off earlier today thinking I would write about what songs were number one in other parts of the world; hoping that along the way I’d discover a new artist I might like.

Unfortunately, I checked a few of the music charts from a select group of countries, and many of the songs on the list seemed to be similar to what is at the top of the lists in the U.S., so nothing really sparked my interest. Perhaps I need to expand the list of countries I was looking at…

But that got me thinking about looking for artists from other countries to see if I might find a few artists I might like. I decided to narrow my search to women artists from the U.K. and Ireland, because I’m a sucker for a brogue. While I was doing that, a couple of the singers I came across reminded me of another artist I have only mentioned in passing, but I never devoted a full post to – Sarah Blackwood of Walk Off The Earth. And as luck would have it, she just released a new song on YouTube two weeks ago, and I had to share it. As I mentioned when I first wrote about WOTE, I think Sarah has one of the best voices I have heard in a long time.

Some background on Sarah, from Wikipedia:

Sarah Blackwood, also known as Sarah Sin, is a Canadian singer-songwriter. In 2012, she joined the indie rock band Walk off the Earth.

Blackwood got her start in the Canadian psychobilly band The Creepshow at the age of 27. (OK, I have no idea what psychobilly music is – but if it looks interesting, you may find read about it in a future post…).

Blackwood has commented on her and her siblings’ musical and artistic upbringings, often attributing her love of music to her parents’ influence. Blackwood uses her voice for another purpose: to advocate for anti-bullying initiatives and improved mental health services.

Blackwood has been in a relationship with Walk off the Earth bandmate Gianni “Luminati” Nicassio since January 2012, and the couple has three sons: Giorgio Michael, born 18 June 2013; Luigi Colombo, born 25 July 2015; and Romeo Aniello, born 23 August 2017. Blackwood and Luminati are known for taking their children with them on tour, giving their eclectic musical style an added family-friendly element.

And as you can tell from the video above, they also include their children in their videos.

I wish her and her family and the band the best of luck.

*image from Facebook

27 thoughts on “Music Monday: Sarah Blackwood of W.O.T.E. with a Beautiful Lullaby

  1. I’ve loved WOTE ever since I first saw THAT video. An incredibly creative band who have made some of the best music videos I’ve seen. And Sarah has a lovely voice. I’d not seen this one, so thank you for sharing it.

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  2. This is my first exposure to the band, so thanks for that. I agree that Sarah’s voice is exceptional. Her effortless range and perfect tone are a blessing to the ear. I will be finding more of their music to sample. Great write up, Jim!

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  3. I am endlessly fascinated by this band, and happy to know her very own story, I’m sure they’re usually referred to as a collective. hope to see them live next spring, moved from this year. great, happy post, jim –

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