The Tradition Continues

I don’t know how long we’ve been doing it, but it’s been a Father’s Day tradition for perhaps 20 years.

No one in the Borden family is a golfer, but we all enjoy miniature golf. Well, at least I do, and they humor me.

So every year for Father’s Day we go out for a round of mini-golf. Sometimes it’s not always on Father’s Day since our boys are not always around that weekend (One son lives in Ohio, another in Hawaii).

So we improvise, and next time we see them, we try to get a round of mini golf in and call it our Father’s Day outing.

This year, we did go on the actual date, with my wife, youngest son, and one of my grand nephews joining in the outing.

We also went a bit later in the day than we usually do, and it was perfect, as the picture below shows.

And even though our two oldest sons could not join us on the course today, we did get to have a Zoom chat with them earlier today.

So thank you for another perfect Father’s Day, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

25 thoughts on “The Tradition Continues

  1. A wonderful family tradition, Jim…Mini Golf over the years we have played it around the world with grand kids who always love it…Not so much a tradition as they are mostly grown now but happy memories of when they were young 🙂 Thank you for rekindling my memories 🙂 x

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