Returning to Normal: Steps Two and Three Completed

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about completing the first step in getting our life back to normal by going to Wawa for the first time since the lockdown began.

Since then, we’ve added two more steps to the process.

Last week, we went grocery shopping for the first time. Prior to that we had used a delivery service through ShopRite. We did enjoy having our groceries delivered, but we also missed just making our own substitutions when something was out of stock (such as swapping Oreo cookies for kale) and those impulse buys that you can’t get yourself to make when shopping online (like Sour patch kids).

Tonight we completed the third step of our journey towards normal – we walked to the local pub and had a curbside cocktail. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Guinness on tap, and it was as good as I remembered. There were a few other people there, with their masks on, and staying away from each other.

Tomorrow is when the state of PA moves from red to yellow, so slowly but surely, businesses will begin to reopen. I’ve liked the approach that Gov. Wolf has taken, recognizing the need to get things back to normal as soon as possible, but with his primary concern being the safety of others.

I’m not sure what step four will be, but I think my wife wishes it would be doing something with my hair…

Note: music played tonight was the Rain playlist from Spotify. I am amazed at how many individual “songs” make up this playlist, and I’m not really sure how I am supposed to know when one song ends and another begins. I mean it’s the sound of rain… Like the previous two nights, it’s pure background noise that I don’t hear when I am in filly engaged in the task at hand – writing the blog.

*image – my son and I outside Flip & Bailey’s

54 thoughts on “Returning to Normal: Steps Two and Three Completed

  1. Not much new in California, yet, but it’s understandable with all the cases here. I walk 3-4 miles each day, but it’s not the same as hitting the gym.

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  2. Good to see you both out and about! My biggest problem, much like your wife’s concerns, was the length of my hair. After having been abundantly patient waiting for barber shops to open up, I finally could not take it anymore and cut my own hair. I had all the appropriate attachments for my trimmer and even watched a couple of videos online meant to help you accomplish the task with greater ease. Success? Well, let’s just say the length is not an issue anymore. After a frustrating 40 minutes, I buzzed it all off. I am still shocked a bit every time I walk past a mirror, but I won’t need a haircut again for quite awhile! 👨‍🦲

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  3. We’re going through some tentative stages of opening up again, but the Government’s scientific advisors say it is too soon. Fingers crossed neither you or we go backwards with this!

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  4. Lucky you.. Our restaurant’s have stayed open as long as tbey observe social distancing although many have just been doing takeaway…. The kicker… No alcohol can be served… Bars still on lockdown…

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    1. A couple of bars have opened for just takeaway, but what it really turns into is people ordering drinks through a bar window, and then just milling around outside…


  5. I do enjoy listening to the sound of rain! I have listened to that already while dong my quotes posts on Tuesdays. Little signs of getting back to normal are so welcome! I am soooo ready to see my hairdresser!

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