Words of Wisdom from Herman Munster

Perhaps you’ve recently seen this clip from an old episode (1965) of The Munsters. It seems to be having its viral moment, given the chaos that seems to be ever-present these days.

Herman offers a 30-second life lesson to his son Eddie that is timeless. We need more people like Herman; he was one handsome, and upstanding, guy…

Note: music for today was my only playlist on Spotify, consisting mainly of songs from the 70s. I wanted to see how trying to write while listening to music with lyrics would be. It’s hard to separate out the fact that I was familiar with the songs versus listening to music that had lyrics, but it was certainly a bit more distracting than classical music or mood music. For example if I got stuck with my writing, I would end up singing along with the song (silently), which did not seem to help the writing process…

36 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom from Herman Munster

  1. Leave it to Herman to make it simple enough for anyone to understand. That was a bit of a flashback, as I loved watching the show as a child. I guess you should stay away from that 70’s rock and roll, young man!

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  2. I’m the same way. I can’t write well while listening to lyrics. Or while listening to other people talk. Or while the TV or radio is on. Since I write a lot, I live much of my life in silence.

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  3. I remember that clip after all these years. Herman portrayed a bit of a goof, but there were those occasional teaching moments. Do you remember Herman’s laugh?

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