Music Monday: College Marching Bands – Fails and Perfection

The routines that college marching bands use are often quite intricate, and even the slighest misstep could throw everything off.

So it’s no surprise that at some point there is going to be a collision of some sort.

Here are a few such fails:


Fortunately, such failures seem to be the exception, rather than the rule. More often than not, fans are treated to spectacular shows such as this one by The Ohio State University, perhaps the premir college marching band in the country.


Let’s hope we get to see them performing once again this Fall college football season…

*image from FastWeb

41 thoughts on “Music Monday: College Marching Bands – Fails and Perfection

      1. Ahh! We have that in common. I am the one who was on crutches for I had to get surgery on my right knee. Left the Dr.s office with my crutches , “gracefully” slipped on the pavement and got a small crack in my left ankle!

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      2. LOL!
        Thanks! It wasn’t as speedy as I would have liked it, but I survived. Nothing seems speedy when you are in High School.
        The slowest part was having to wait 3 weeks to have the surgery done! In those 3 weeks I could not put any weight on my knee which was the reason for the crutches. So the Dr put a soft aircast on my left ankle, to help give it support as I had to put weight on it. You wouldn’t believe how many people would come up to me and tell me that I was walking on the wrong foot with my crutches! I would explain to them about my knee and they would just shake their head in disbelief. LOL!

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  1. band bloopers extraordinaire! now i wonder, do they come to campus on a music scholarship or sports scholarship?) they clearly have to be able to take a fall. as for the buckeyes, i do love their marching band…….)

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  2. To non-Americans these bands are plain weird! We used to have military bands playing before football matches and at half time, but that largely went out of fashion in the late 60s. But school bands? Ours tend to sit down indoors. A band did make for a good video for Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, though 😊

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      1. It does seem odd to us, that whole huge industry around it. You mean the Boat Race? A real anachronism, two privileged universities with a load of toffs and Hooray Henries descending on London. Still covered by the BBC, which in these modern times I find amazing. I guess it was cancelled this year, but I must have missed the news report! The Tusk video is fun, and if you can also find the video of Mick Fleetwood talking about how they made it that will double your enjoyment 😊

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  3. My husband is an Ohio State Alum….he has shown me many of their band videos. Haven’t seen this one yet though. I must admit I like the band better than football!!! The bands always look like a lot fun but I think there is so much work to it!!

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    1. They are the premier college marching band. And I am sure you are not alone in liking the band more than the football game. And I can only imagine the hours of practice they must put in to get to this level of performance.

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  4. Omg Ohio is so great! They are one of my favorite marching bands in the US. I’m actually playing in a marching band, and fortunately i’ve never seen such fails. The worst things that have happened is when I dropped the drum-major-stick

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  5. Now I know why I played football in high school instead of being in the marching band, risking injury to my precious horn. Thank you for sharing a clip of The Best Damn Band in the Land. Go Bucks!

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