Too Soon? A Little Bit of Covid-19 Humor

In the midst of all the negative news about covid-19, some people have managed to poke fun at it.

So I thought I’d share a small number of video clips I’ve seen that I thought were pretty funny.

If you think it’s too soon, well here’s what a couple of famous comic writers have to say:

“If you can laugh at it, you can live with it.” – Erma Bombeck

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. “ – Mark Twain

So here we go…

The first video is my favorite, and I’ve watched it at least a couple dozen times over the past few days. Here’s a guy who knew what he wanted:

Here’s a video of a guy making an exercise video, improvising for the lack of weights and other fitness equiment by using toilet paper

The following video is one of a college professor, lamenting what it will be like to teach his classes online. Quite creative!

And finally, a country music performer shows what he and country music fans think of covid-19:

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Dear corona…

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46 thoughts on “Too Soon? A Little Bit of Covid-19 Humor

  1. These clips are all in good fun. While anyone who has the virus is no laughing matter, humor gets us through a lot of difficult things. Option B, ha-ha!


  2. Haha…Option “B”….although the teacher is funny as are the others but on the serious side stay safe…A mixture of the two is great we have to keep our pecker up as the saying goes…


  3. The first one had me in tears! It is never too soon for a little comedic relief. If we have forgotten how to laugh, we have forgotten how to live! Stay safe everyone!


  4. Never too soon for some humor!! Keeps us smiling! Love the first one!! So I have been giggling at some comments and memes I have seen. My favorite states…. “They said all I would need to go to the grocery store is a face mask and gloves. They lied. Everyone else had clothes on!” 🤣🤣🤣I don’t know why but that one just cracked me up! Stay safe and healthy!!


  5. “Kinda feel like The Earth just sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.”

    And while I’m there I’m keeping a list of the funnier memes too.

    Gotta laugh so we don’t cry.


      1. Ha! yes, I “plan” to post MANY things 🙂 but WHEN? well, since they just cancelled my son’s school for the rest of the year and I’m now “homeschooling” autism mom 24/7 … we will see how soon any plan I have actually happens 🙂

        But considering the dire illness headed to our household at any moment… no time like the present, right?

        Thanks for giving me motivation during a really tough time to get motivated. Much of my to do list feels like rearranging deck chairs. And aren’t I glad I never decluttered those old toys/videos out of the basement. Brought up some legos that my son hasn’t played with in 10 years and got him interested in them.

        (But yesterday I vacuumed , a “normal” not end days task, and it was surprisingly satisfying. Writing a blog post would no doubt feel similarly satisfying.)


  6. If we get to the point where we can’t laugh at the problems of the world, then the problems of the world have conquered us. Thanks for bringing some smiles into a world that desperately needs them!


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