Something Is Wrong Here! Where’s Apple??

Apple not only makes great products, it consistently ranks as one of the best companies in the world. Here are some of those rankings:

Plus, everyone knows that Apple makes the best smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches.

So imagine my surprise when I came across a story that ranked the most trusted organization in the U.S.

I naturally assumed Apple would be number one, or at least in the top five.

The image at the top of the post lists which organizations came in at places 11-25. Of course, I didn’t expect Apple to show up in the bottom 15 of such a ranking, I assumed that the company would be rated much higher.

However, when I went to check the top 10, here is what I found:

Apple did not even make the top 25! Surely there is something wrong with the survey.

And look at what organization came out on top – the United States Postal Service. I don’t think I know a single person who would list the USPS among their top 50 most trusted companies

Apparently I am hanging out with the wrong group of friends.

The survey was conducted by Morning Consult; survey respondents were asked “How much do you trust each brand to do what is right?” They could respond a lot, some, not much, not at all, or don’t know. This ranking is determined by share of “a lot” responses. For example, 42 percent of consumers trust USPS a lot.

So once again my world view is shattered – Apple isn’t the best at everything, people trust the post office, and the latest poll shows that President Trump is favored to win the next Presidential election.

Maybe I don’t have my finger on the pulse of the nation

*post inspired by TheEnlightenedMind622
**image from Morning Consult



18 thoughts on “Something Is Wrong Here! Where’s Apple??

  1. I followed the link to Morning Consult. Fascinating survey. How on earth did USPS get such a high ranking? Maybe folks were thinking of the pony express riders- arriving half dead, backs studded with arrows. Or how they carry on despite snow and sleet and whatever. Come to think of it, the USPS has brought me a consistent supply of mail, day after day, for years. Hmm….


  2. It is hard to know what this survey is measuring. Is it trust a company is ethical and honest or level of trust in the product or service? Apple makes great products but do I trust it with my data? Hmm. I’m not sure I trust any company to do what’s right.


    1. Yes, there are so many dimensions of trust that a person could be responding to when they answer such a survey. I’m just surprised that Apple didn’t make the list just based off its brand recognition.


  3. Hey Jim great post as always. I have had an iPhone since iPhone 3..due to how easy they are to use, and they are great with privacy and hold value, Apple to cellphones is like Toyota to cars, they hold value. However, I saw documentary about Steve Jobs and my love for iPhones changed. He was a great inventor but not the best person to family. No ones prefect but I was alarmed. I can see why USPS is number one they are always on time, consistent, they even offer new services where you can receive an email of your mail that’s coming to your mail box. USPS is dependable


    1. I feel the same way about Apple, and Steve Jobs was always someone I admired. I did read a biography that did point out his bad side. As you say, no one is perfect, and overall, I still admire him for what he accomplished. And yes, good points about USPS, you can count on them!


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