Another Saturday Night…

For those of you who may have wondered who goes to the gym on a Saturday night, the picture above gives you your answer. My son and I.

But maybe you’re thinking, “Well, of course, no one is doing cardio on a Saturday night, everybody is in the back pumping iron.”

Here’s my answer to that:

It was the kind of gym visit I dream about – completely empty.

When we got home, we watched an episode of Schitt’s Creek, followed by some classic music from Sam Cooke, Cat Stevens, and Jimmy Buffett.

Now that’s how to spend a Saturday night.

14 thoughts on “Another Saturday Night…

  1. Ha ha. That’s so Random! Seems like you picked the absolute best night of the year to go to the gymn. Happy Winter Solstice! Schitt’s Creek is great I love it. 🙂 So funny. Great music choice. I haven’t heard that in ages and all of those versions are brilliant. 🙂


    1. Given that I usually don’t have much going on on a Saturday night, this may become a habit; Happy Winter to you as well! And it is a classic song; I didn’t know which one I liked best, so I included all three!


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