The Best of Britain’s Christmas Commercials, 2019

It’s been a tradition since I started this blog to share the best Christmas commercials coming out of the U.K. For British retailers, the ads are the equivalent of the Super Bowl commercials in the U.S.

I’ve already featured one British Christmas ad this year, the one by Hafod’s, a hardware store in the Welsh town of Rhayader that cost a total of $130.

I also shared this year’s heartwarming commercial by Apple, which is likely to get the tears flowing.

Here’s a look at the ads from some of the big names in British retail. Enjoy.

John Lewis: I still think my all-time favorite Christmas commercial is the John Lewis 2019 ad featuring Monty the Penguin. But this year’s ad is pretty good as well:

McDonald’s of the UK, probably my favorite:



Marks & Spencer


Visa, featuring a classic song by Queen


Sky, featuring ET

I think part of the appeal is just bringing back all the good memories we had of our visit to London a couple of years ago, and getting to know the various retailers.

Merry Christmas!

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