Who Trained Whom?

For the past few months, when we’ve come back home from having been out for a while, our dog Nellie jumps up off the couch and runs right to the cabinet where her snacks are kept. She sits there, tail wagging, barely able to control herself, with her eyes shifting back and forth between us and the cabinet.

I’ll admit it. I’m weak. I give in.

And I wonder, who’s trained whom?

13 thoughts on “Who Trained Whom?

  1. We’re a bunch of softies when it comes to our dogs. I’ve owned dogs my whole life. I have two yellow labs now. Jake is the smarter of the two, and the most intelligent dog I’ve ever owned. Sometimes when we’re playing ball, I’ll put the ball up when I tire of it. (He’ll play as long as I keep throwing it.) The amazing part is I won’t always put it up in the same place. Yet, a whole day can go by, and I’ll come waking into the room and find him staring at the exact cabinet where I left it. I find that pretty amazing.


    1. dogs are amazing; Jake sounds like a fun dog to have around. we’ve often thought about having two dogs so that they would have a companion, but we’ve yet to do so.


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