Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – The Greatest Gift

“I think I’ll make up a story about how for Christmas I wrapped everyone’s present in gray wrapping paper. Each box was a different size and weight, and everyone could pass the boxes back and forth until they all agreed on which box they wanted to claim as their own. I’ll then write about everyone’s immediate reaction.”

Tommy was explaining to his sister about the latest Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.

Suzie looked at him quizzically and asked, “How are you going to relate that to ‘the greatest gift’?”

“Greatest gift? I thought it was the gray gift test…”

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10 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – The Greatest Gift

    1. thanks, Joy. But if Tommy is anything like me, he’s too lazy to go back to the drawing board. He’ll submit the wrong assignment and live with the consequences! 🙂


    1. I think humor was the easy way out on this one; it was too hard to think of “the greatest gift”. That’s why I loved so many of the stories that others posted.


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