Seriously? Parents Come to Their Kids’ School Dressed Like This?

A Houston school is clamping down on inappropriate dress, not by students, but their parents.

A letter from the principal at James Madison High School to parents and guests on the school’s website forbids them from being at the school in such attire as shower caps, hair rollers, pajamas, sagging pants, leggings that show the wearer’s bottom, low-rider shorts and torn jeans showing lots of skin.

Wait – let’s rewind for a second – parents are showing up in shower caps at their kids’ high school? or in pajamas and/or hair rollers?

According to the Wall Street Journal, this is not the only school that has issued such a letter to the parents.

At Barack Obama Elementary School in Richmond, Va., parents are asked not to wear such items as sleep caps, pajama pants, short shorts and pants not at the waist level.

Again with the pajamas. And sleep caps? Do people actually wear such a thing?

Where did we go wrong as a country- when did such dress become acceptable?

In one respect I guess I’m partially to blame. Over the years I’ve seen college students’ dress code become more slack, with the occasional pajama bottoms being worn to class. I’ve never said anything – I don’t think I’d be allowed to. But if students start to think that it’s OK to dress inappropriately when coming to class, they may bring that mindset into their post-college life, right through to parenthood.

Leading to situations like the following:

Tennessee state Rep. Antonio Parkinson said he has heard concerns from school leaders about parents showing up in inappropriate wear, including a parent coming to an elementary school in a negligee.

A negligee? Really?

Mr. Parkinson noted that “based on what the principal told me, body parts were exposed.”

And then he added the best line of this Wall Street Journal story – “Think about what that does to a child for the rest of the day.”

Forget about the child – think about what that does to the school employees for the rest of the day.

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