Music Monday: Meat Loaf Mania

I’m guessing most people reading this are familiar with the smash hit from Meat Loaf in 1977, Paradise by the Dashboard Light. "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" is one of the longest songs to be released uncut on one side of a 45 RPM record. The only difference between the single (45 RPM) and album … Continue reading Music Monday: Meat Loaf Mania

Music Monday: Springsteen on Broadway, via Netflix

My wife and I finally got around to watching Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show that was released on Netflix on December 18. We would have loved to have seen it live, but the price and logistics made it difficult. From first line to last bow, the film includes the full length of Springsteen’s theatrical creation. Watching … Continue reading Music Monday: Springsteen on Broadway, via Netflix