You Can Do This, Jimmy

You've got this, Jimmy. You can write a blog post that people will find both informative and entertaining. You've come up with some good headlines in the past, Jimmy. You can do it again. Sorry, I was just trying to psyche myself up (for some unknown reason, when I refer to myself in the third … Continue reading You Can Do This, Jimmy

27 Years Later, Seinfeld Episode More Relevant Than Ever

Back in 1993, George Costanza committed a faux pas that became an instant part of American culture. George was at a funeral and was caught double-dipping his chip, causing a mourner to exclaim, “You double-dipped the chip! You dipped the chip, you took a bite, and you dipped again! That’s like putting your whole mouth … Continue reading 27 Years Later, Seinfeld Episode More Relevant Than Ever

The King of Queens and the Paradox of Choice

"In the decade since streaming TV technology ushered in the concept of binge viewing, the “rewatch” has evolved as a phenomenon with motivations and rituals of its own. While bingeing is associated with devouring new shows, rewatching is more about savoring old favorites." Wall Street Journal Who doesn't like to just occasionally plop down in front … Continue reading The King of Queens and the Paradox of Choice

The Power, and Peril, of Personalization

I never thought twice about it. Of course it's awesome that Amazon tells you what else you may want to purchase based on what you've just added to your cart. Or that Netflix will recommend a movie based on your past viewing experiences. Or that grocery stores print out coupons that are related to the … Continue reading The Power, and Peril, of Personalization

The Seinfeld Blog

I'm starting to panic; I think my blog is turning into a Seinfeld-like blog. The Seinfeld show was famously known for being a show about nothing. And that's what I fear is happening, or could happen, to this blog. I know it's only been two weeks, so it's not much of a sample size, but … Continue reading The Seinfeld Blog