27 Years Later, Seinfeld Episode More Relevant Than Ever

Back in 1993, George Costanza committed a faux pas that became an instant part of American culture.

George was at a funeral and was caught double-dipping his chip, causing a mourner to exclaim, “You double-dipped the chip! You dipped the chip, you took a bite, and you dipped again! That’s like putting your whole mouth right in the dip!”

I was reminded of the episode today while reading one of the daily text messages that the Singaporean Government has been sending out through the WhatsApp messaging service in regards to the coronavirus.

Here is part of one of the messages from today, which offered the “following good habits and social norms to practise”:

– Keep premises clean and pest-free
– Return trays, keep tables clean
– Keep toilets clean and dry
– Wash hands regularly with soap
– Take temperature, see doctor if unwell, stay home
– Use tissue when sneezing or coughing
– Bin litter and soiled tissue
– Eat on tray to prevent spills onto tables so cleaners don’t have to pick food up and risk spreading diseases
Don’t double dip in common bowls
– Refrain from shaking hands

Yep, right there in the list of do’s and don’ts was a reference to double-dipping.

I know that the Seinfeld show was often referred to as a show about nothing; who knew it may have been secretly offering health advice all along.

I’m sure the writers never imagined that 27 years later a phrase from one of its episodes would be part of a message sent by the government of Singapore to upwards of two million people in the midst of a health crisis.

I just hope that the crisis is under control soon, so that we can get back to making fun of close-talkers, as opposed to being terrified of them these days…

31 thoughts on “27 Years Later, Seinfeld Episode More Relevant Than Ever

  1. I was never a big Seinfeld fan, although my wife is (I’m more of a Monty Python guy). While I forget all the names, I especially didn’t like a George, only because his actor played a real jerk in Pretty Woman and I always associated him with that character.. aside from that, double dipping is not cool.


  2. Double dipping is never socially acceptable! Plus, exactly how much dip do you need on each chip? My bigger concern is we may lose the handshake forever. Glad that they are keeping you informed and safe, Jim! Enjoy your last days!


  3. Following your health theme, Jim, I thought about a couple other episodes that you could have included. How about the episode when George fishes the partially eaten doughnut out of the garbage much to the shock of his girlfriend’s mother? Then there was the classic—The Bubble Boy in which the character is isolated in his bubble until George inadvertently pops the bubble while they are playing Trivial Pursuit. (Moops instead of Moors, ha-ha!)


  4. Seinffeld was never on my list to watch list but as Beth said funny how things cross cultures…Double dipping has always been a no no here…But my mum always used to say you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die with reference to building up antibodies…but handwashing was always a must old habits die hard…


  5. I always loved Seinfeld. It may have been a show about nothing but it’s funny how so many phrases pop up in conversations and how many scenes are reflected in life (we often talk about the ‘big salad’). Double dipping is never good. Neither is close talking. Kramer had the perfect response. Thanks for sharing these laughs tonight, even if the reason wasn’t the best.


    1. thanks, Norah! glad you enjoyed it. I was also a big fan of Seinfeld, and it seems many of the jokes just never go out of style and have become part of our culture. I think I actually like Curb Your Enthusiasm even better though!


      1. I haven’t ever watched that. I wasn’t keen on Larry David for some reason, or maybe it came out when I stopped watching television. My son relates a lot of the events. He enjoys it. I think you related one recently too about donating money for a building ‘anonymously’, as Ted Danson did. It was very funny.


      2. I do remember the anonymous donor episode, but I don’t think it was me who wrote about it. but it is a classic, as are most of the episodes!


      3. Oh. I wonder who it was then. You share so many fun things, when you shared these Seinfeld clips, I just thought it must have been you. 🙂


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