Learning from Our Mistakes

Seth Godin had a wonderful post earlier this week. Titled Lessons learned the hard way, Godin talks about the value of learning from our mistakes. Here is the full post: It will be a long time before I spell “handkerchief” incorrectly. That’s because in third grade, I lost the entry round of the spelling bee … Continue reading Learning from Our Mistakes

Wisdom from 400 A.D. (in less than 400 words)

It was graduation weekend at Villanova, which meant there was a good chance one of the speakers was going to quote St. Augustine. A couple of the people did mention my favorite quote attributed to Augustine (at separate commencement events, fortunately). Here is the quote (at least one translation of it): Always be dissatisfied with … Continue reading Wisdom from 400 A.D. (in less than 400 words)

Teaching, Curiosity, and Nursing Homes

Today I had the opportunity, along with two other teachers, to observe and evaluate another faculty member’s teaching. After the class, the three of us met to discuss what we had just observed and to gather data for our written report. While I’m not at liberty to share anything about our classroom visit, one item … Continue reading Teaching, Curiosity, and Nursing Homes