Call It What You Want – Seems Like Ageism to Me

Ageism: prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person's age. For 50 years, it has been illegal under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA, for employers to treat older workers differently than younger ones with only a few exceptions, such as when a job requires great stamina or quick reflexes. But … Continue reading Call It What You Want – Seems Like Ageism to Me

Where’s the Empathy?

Today's Wall Street Journal had a story about the loneliness epidemic among the elderly, a topic I've written about a few times. This article profiled a few people who are experiencing loneliness: Danny Miner, a 66-year-old retired chemical plant supervisor, spends most days alone in his Tooele, Utah, apartment, with “Gunsmoke” reruns to keep him … Continue reading Where’s the Empathy?

Not So Fast, Dan

Regular readers of my blog likely know the "Dan" I am referring to. It's Dan Ariely, a leading behavioral economist, and best-selling author. Dan has a biweekly advice column in the Wall Street Journal that has often provided me with ideas for my blog, and today's column is no exception. Here is the email in question: … Continue reading Not So Fast, Dan

Teaching the Elderly How to Fall

A couple of years ago I wrote about how prevalent a fear of falling is among the elderly, since the consequences of a fall can be devastating. Data shows that about 40 percent of those aged 65 and older fall at least once a year; one in 40 of them ends up in the hospital, … Continue reading Teaching the Elderly How to Fall