I Miss Those Days

Tonight we had the chance to watch our grand-niece's swim meet, and it must have been the smell of the chlorine that triggered so many wonderful memories of the sport I love. Swimming was a big part of my life for 12 years, having been a competitive swimmer from about 9 years old until I … Continue reading I Miss Those Days

There’s Just Something About Competition

I've loved to compete my whole life. It didn't matter what it was - sports, academics, who could hold their breath the longest. I wasn't good at most sports, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the thrill of competition, whether it was against another team or against myself. These days, most of my competition … Continue reading There’s Just Something About Competition

To Bee or Not To Bee

Spelling bees bring back good memories for me, and I've written about my experiences before. I remember spending the summers after sixth and seventh grade going to our school's convent and sitting on the porch with retired Sister Miriam and practicing my spelling for an hour a day. I'm sure that's nothing compared to what … Continue reading To Bee or Not To Bee