How Do You Spend Your Snow Days?


Today was my first snow day of the semester, and like many snow days it reminds me of the many classic Calvin and Hobbes comic strips devoted to Calvin’s adventures in the snow.

One strip, the one depicted above, has always stuck with me, and not just because it was the final one.  I often use it on the first day of the semester when I am teaching freshmen. College is like a fresh, clean start; like having a big, white sheet of paper to draw on. It can be a magical world, full of possibilities, and just like Calvin, I encourage the students to go exploring.

As I thought about that strip today, it made me think about snow days. For many of us, a snow day represents an unexpected change in our routine, often opening up a world of possibilities.

But it’s only an opportunity if we take advantage of it.

So how do you spend your snow days – binge watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer  while eating junk food, or do you channel your inner Calvin and go exploring?

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