The Dangers of Blogging While Tired

As soon as I saw what happened, I knew I would have to write a blog post about it. Earlier today, skksfjkf asfjskl jfdklsaj;sgja'fa;sfk;lllllllllllllllfs Oops, sorry, I must have fallen asleep while writing that last sentence. Anyway, as I was saying... Earlier today, I was walking across campus and I noticed off to my right … Continue reading The Dangers of Blogging While Tired

A Wee Bit of Gaelic

Ar dtús, má tá tú á léamh seo i mBéarla, caithfidh tú bealach níos fearr a fháil chun do chuid ama a chaitheamh… Tá an post seo scríofa i nGaeilge na Gaeilge, teanga mo shinsir. Ná bíodh imní ort le do thoil é seo a chur isteach i Google translate; ní chomhlíonann sé fiú na … Continue reading A Wee Bit of Gaelic

My Blog Never Promised You a Roof

Here is Seth Godwin’s blog post from Friday: In many situations, a leaky roof is worse than no roof at all. If there’s no roof, we’re not surprised or disappointed if we get hit with some raindrops. But a roof that leaks has raised expectations and then failed to meet them. Promising us a roof … Continue reading My Blog Never Promised You a Roof