A Wee Bit of Gaelic

Ar dtús, má tá tú á léamh seo i mBéarla, caithfidh tú bealach níos fearr a fháil chun do chuid ama a chaitheamh…

Tá an post seo scríofa i nGaeilge na Gaeilge, teanga mo shinsir.

Ná bíodh imní ort le do thoil é seo a chur isteach i Google translate; ní chomhlíonann sé fiú na caighdeáin ísle atá ag Borden’s Blather cheana féin.

Is teanga Cheilteach í Gaeilge na Gaeilge (Gaeilge nah Éireann) a labhraíonn 138,000 duine mar chéad teanga, agus 1,000,000 duine eile mar dhara teanga in Éirinn le 276,000 cainteoir céad teanga ar fud an domhain (Ethnologue). Uaireanta tugtar Gaeilge ar an teanga. , Gaeilge na hÉireann, nó Erse, ach in Éirinn tugtar Gaeilge air go simplí.

Cé go bhfuair an Ghaeilge roinnt focal ar iasacht ón mBéarla, is Ceilteach go bunúsach a stór focal bunúsach. Seo roinnt focal agus frásaí bunúsacha i nGaeilge:

Welcome Fáilte
Good bye Slán
Please Le do thoil
Thank you Go raibh maith agat
Sorry Tá brón orm
A hundred thousand big welcomes Céad míle fáilte
Man Fear
Woman Bean

Seo thíos na huimhreacha 1-10 i nGàidhlig na hÉireann.


Cliceáil anseo le haghaidh aistriúcháin

49 thoughts on “A Wee Bit of Gaelic

  1. If this is your way of reaching a more global audience, congrats. I’ll wait for the next post about my passion—tires!

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    1. that gives me an idea – maybe I should just replicate this post in every language that Google Translate offers… that would take care of at least a month worth of posts 🙂

      but that means you’ll have to wait for a post about tires… 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the Irish lesson! Could come in handy someday. It makes a great impression to learn a couple of words and simple phases and basic numbers. People never expect Americans to know anything in the local language. Pronunciation is the hard part.

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    1. I tried to learn a few different phrases while in Singapore, but there are so many different nationalities, I never knew if I was speaking to someone who used the language I was trying to speak in 🙂


  3. Never trust Google Translate unless you can cross-check it – I’m pretty much bilingual in French after living there for years, and you should see what AI logic comes up with sometimes 😉

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      1. It’s incredible. For those of us who have lived our whole lifetime thinking of the US as the leading Western democracy it is utterly unbelievable. And he still persists in inciting it by telling them he loves them. The 25th needs invoking immediately.

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  4. Dearie me. Reminds me of the Scottish tv in the 60’s and 70’s. The option on a Sunday was one hour Christian worship, one hour review of the soccer results or a half hour of Gaelic news. I opted for the half hour of lilting and shuchting. Thanks for the memories!

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