I wish I could blame it on the drugs

But these were all conscious choices. Adam 12. The Munsters. King of queens (a personal favorite) Everybody loves Raymond. Seinfeld. Leave it to beaver. The Andy Griffith show. Friends. Total Gym infomercial. that’s a glimpse of what I’ve been doing in the two days since my surgery. i guess I just wanted some laughs and … Continue reading I wish I could blame it on the drugs

Happy 35th anniversary!

Our oldest son reminded us that today is the 35th anniversary of the our family’s favorite comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. He even sent us the first strip from November 18, 1985 in his text message which is shown below: I then went back through my old blog posts and I discovered that I also … Continue reading Happy 35th anniversary!

Is your day sprinkled with time confetti?

Most people think of confetti as associated with some sort of celebration like a parade or wedding. That is not the case with time confetti, a coin termed by Brigid Schulte, author of Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, to describe all the small scraps of free time she experienced in a … Continue reading Is your day sprinkled with time confetti?

Music Monday: Gangstagrass – Band Fuses Rap and Bluegrass

I was watching a football game yesterday and a commercial came on for Sagamore Spirit, a rye whiskey. But it wasn’t  the whiskey that caught my attention, it was the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNI5ms0kwwM Gangstagrass is a group of musicians in New York City, most known for the theme song of the FX television show Justified. The group … Continue reading Music Monday: Gangstagrass – Band Fuses Rap and Bluegrass

Much ado about nothing

It was literally over in 10 seconds. I have surgery scheduled for this coming Tuesday and as part of the process I have to get a Covid test. After a few administrative hiccups I was finally able to make an appointment a couple of days ago for a drive-through test this morning. I have to … Continue reading Much ado about nothing

A wonderful ending to a great sitcom

Today, my wife and I watched the final episode of Schitt’s Creek. It was a wonderful way to end the series and it had me laughing and in tears. What more could you ask for from a TV show? It would be hard for me to pick a favorite character since they were all so … Continue reading A wonderful ending to a great sitcom

To plan or not to plan?

Many of Dan Ariely’s recent columns have focused on COVID-19 issues and his current one is no exception. Here’s a question a reader posed: Dear Dan, The holidays are right around the corner, but I’ve been hesitating to make plans to visit family or host a party. The changing Covid-19 situation means that any plan … Continue reading To plan or not to plan?

It’s just not the same

I’ve always viewed it as one of the signs of spring. The Masters Golf tournament. The azaleas, the dogwoods, the manicured greens. The crowds. And Tiger Woods. The tournament is usually scheduled to end the second Sunday in April. However, due to COVID-19 it was rescheduled to this weekend in November. I had the chance to … Continue reading It’s just not the same

Thank You!

I just want to express my gratitude for all the well wishes I received regarding my two broken wrists. While I am not in much pain, it is quite inconvenient. I never realized how much I take my hands for granted. My wife and son have been incredibly helpful. A couple of people wondered if … Continue reading Thank You!

It took 63 years but I finally broke my first bone(s)

It's ironic that I just wrote a post a couple days ago about how exercise may not be helpful (at least for losing weight). And now I have discovered another problem with exercise. Apparently, sometimes you can not trust the equipment. Today my son Pat and I were working out using exercise tubes and during … Continue reading It took 63 years but I finally broke my first bone(s)