Who Knew We Owned the World’s Most Expensive Carpet?

According to homeadviser.com, most homeowners pay $3.50 to $11 per square foot for carpet installation. This consists of carpet materials which average $2 to $7 per square foot (with a broad range of $1 to $20 per square foot), and labor, which adds $0.50 to $1 per square foot.

But the Bordens aren’t most homeowners. If we want carpet, we want the best.

So what are we talking here?

How about $6,000 per square foot? Yes, you read that correctly, six thousand dollars per square foot.

How is that possible?

Our dog Nellie, for whatever reason, ate some carpet the other day (it was actually less than a square foot, but we’ll just round it up to keep it simple).

This caused Nellie to become ill, and so we took her to a vet. It was determined that she needed emergency intestinal surgery, and the total cost of the surgery and the two day stay was $6,000.

So to my way of thinking, that makes the cost of that carpet $6,000.

The good new is that the surgery seemed to be successful, but our worry is that when she comes home, what will stop her from doing it again? I doubt if she has learned her lesson and put two and two together that eating the carpet made her ill.

After all, this is the same dog I wrote about a few years ago after she ate some fake plastic apples. Here’s the mess she made from that debacle:

and here’s the proof that we knew she was guilty:

This time around the evidence wasn’t so pleasant to look at, so I’ll spare you the photos.

But we will keep our fingers crossed that her recent visit to the E.R. has knocked some sense into her.

And if worse comes to worse, at least we can tell everyone that we have the most expensive carpet in the neighborhood…




81 thoughts on “Who Knew We Owned the World’s Most Expensive Carpet?

  1. Dang! I hope the dog’s alright. To get the price per square foot you would have to divide 6000 by the square footage, so $6000 would be correct if you have one square foot of carpet. (Sorry to be nitpicky, this is the kind of math I do all day, every day, and it’s hard for me to shut off sometime. Haha.)

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  2. Ouch! I feel sorry for your wallet. If that was my dog, I would have shot it rather than pay such a hefty vet bill. And then I would have used its hide to cover the hole in the carpet. It’s a win-win.

    We have all tile floors, which makes them easy to keep clean when our dogs do their business indoors. And this has likely saved the lives of those incontinent mongrels.

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      1. Tile is cleaner than carpet, in my opinion. My wife inherited the house we’re living in, and it had had the same carpet for about 40 years. When I pulled it up to lay tile, you wouldn’t believe the kind of filth I discovered underneath. Vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners don’t seem to be powerful or thorough enough to keep a carpet sanitary.

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      1. It’s the only way to keep a clean floor, in my view, when you have indoor pets. We’ve never tried doggie diapers, but knowing our dogs, we’d have a hard time keeping them on.

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      2. Yeah, well, managing it is the tricky part. I don’t like debt. I got my first credit card when I was 40, and I always pay it off, every month. The only long-term debt I’ve acquired is when I can make payments on a car at 0% interest. It’s hard to turn down a deal like that.

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  3. I know I should not laugh….. That photo! Our one dog ate the couch and someone said Tabasco would stop her from nibbling at it. But she thought we had just added flavour! Good luck when you get her home and hopefully the lesson has been learnt.

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  4. Oh good lawd.
    I’m thankful she’s okay and, like me, you value your fur baby more than your cash.

    I hope recovery goes well and the improper dining stops!

    But those pink paws sure are cute!

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  5. I will always own dogs, but they are consistently expensive critters. Lately, our dog likes to dig holes all over the years. At first, I thought she was pursuing the gophers, which are also digging. Our yard has become a joke. I’ve tried everything to get rid of the gophers, but they just move to new spots. How ridiculous is this? We’re buying dirt to fill in the holes that the dog digs before one of us rolls an ankle or worse.

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  6. Talk about your unexpected expenses. You must have one of the more expensive dogs in the neighborhood too. At least paying with a credit card that earns miles or points could provide some benefit in addition to a healthy pet.

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  7. I hope Nellie fully recovers from her surgery and hospital stay. I think she may make the connection between the carpet and the illness. And that picture of her with pink paws and lips is priceless. How could you ever be mad at that face?

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    1. she is coming home today, and seems to be doing much better. fingers crossed that she won’t be eating carpet again. and yes, it’s hard not to smile at that photo…


    1. she seems to be doing well, and comes home today. and the Astroturf would have the added benefit of allowing me to work on my mini-golf game πŸ™‚


  8. I hope Nellie will be well again soon and spares you any more bills like that! Can you get anything to spray on the carpet to make it taste bad for her, in the same way they do animal repellents for plants? Either that or go for hardwood flooring!

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  9. Oh no! Hope your dog is okay now! And I thought a toddler potty training was bad!!! πŸ˜³πŸ€£πŸ˜‰ Love the after photo of the pink paws as guilty evidence!


  10. Oh my gosh! Sure hope she learned her lesson, poor dog! Grateful that we have never had a problem with our dogs swallowing something bad for them. I know it happens a lot with dogs and I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!

    We have hardwood floors so I at least don’t have to worry about them chewing carpet. And we have no plastic fruit, but those pink feet really are cute. πŸ™‚

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      1. Glad she is doing better and Oh my on getting the carpet back. Maybe you could auction it off on ebay. Oh wait, you have to be famous in order to get people pay exorbitant prices for your things. πŸ™‚

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  11. Ahhhhh hope Nellie ok..that image of her little pink paws and mouth such a great one you should frame it…as for carpets its floor tiles all the way here soooo much better and harder to chew…just saying x

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