No Matter What Your Problem, It Looks Like This Guy Can Help

Do you suffer from any of these problems:

  • Money rituals
  • instant money
  • Office problem
  • police station case
  • Election wins.
  • visa problem
  • Bullet never enter you
  • Brotherhood of money
  • secret society
  • Court cases
  • Examination
  • High spirit of pastor
  • Gold problem
  • protection
  • Cafe or fraud guys
  • Pocket no dry
  • pot of riches
  • Business problem
  • High spirit
  • football luck
  • Bring your ex Back
  • Love spell
  • money command
  • Land problem

To be honest, I don’t even know what some of these are, like “high spirit of pastor”, or “cafe guys”, or “pocket no dry”.

But I received a message saying that a certain Dr. could solve all of these problems for me, and lead me away from poverty.

Here’s what the message said:

am looking for a job aplyment in over
one night am chatting on Facebook
when I saw is testimony of how he helps so many people than I decided to give it a try
cause I was scam alot by fake native doctor.

after chatting baba on WhatsApp than he told me  what and what I we provide than I
ask him how much for everything he told me that is 17.500

first I thought it was a scam .
cause of the money he asked me to pay
not so long I sent him the money
in 1month time I was given a job by a Canada woman in Abuja.
my brother and sister please not all you
see on Facebook are scam.

this man is real believe me….

if you have any condition you can’t take your self out.
I asure you to contact Dr or Whatsapp him on this number below

(************) remember that is only what you believe that we come to pass

Can’t mention all you can call or Whatsapp


So apparently there are more problems that this Dr. can solve.

I wish I had gotten this message before this week’s PowerBall and Mega Millions drawings.

But I am tempted to use his services so that I can have one million followers and 10 million views a day on my blog. That seems like it would be well worth 17.500, although I’m not really sure what denomination that is in.

And thankfully, there would be no human blood involved…

43 thoughts on “No Matter What Your Problem, It Looks Like This Guy Can Help

  1. Thanks ( I think but I’m not sure) for sharing Jim! I wonder what translation app he/it used to convey this message.
    There is more than snake oil afoot these days. So many hurting people are fooled by this… and my concern, more and more, is who is trying to manipulate us all.
    Be aware. Be very aware. 🙏

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    1. nothing to be thankful for… 🙂

      and yes, whoever sent this needs to find a better translation app. It’s shame there are people who fall for these things, and I am sure such people are among our most vulnerable…

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  2. Oh gosh! Hmmm… I wonder if he could buy me a beach house? I think that would qualify under “land problem”, I am not living at the ocean. That’s a land problem. What people don’t come up with and yes I would like to know what some of those terms mean as well!

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  3. We see loads of these sorts of advertisments here in South Africa, Jim. People had out pamphlets at the traffic lights. They usually also say they can enlarge the men parts. It is quite amazing and people do fall for this sort of thing.

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    1. that’s amazing that is so out in the open. and it’s sad to think that some people fall for such scams, especially when such people may be among the most vulnerable already…

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  4. I got the one from a woman who claimed that she’d had genital herpes for ten years. (Not sure I’d want to admit that.) Her doctor cured it in a week…. with herbs – no spices mentioned. Could it be the same doctor??! This one didn’t want any money – upfront. 😆

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    1. there’s a chance it could be the same doc – he sounds like a miracle worker. But I agree, isn’t there another condition that you could have promoted besides genital herpes?!

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  5. “Bring my Ex back”? How is that at all a good thing? She is the Ex for a reason! I just checked my pockets and they appear to be dry, so I am good there too. I am just not sure I have problems in the category he excels in. Fun post, Jim!

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