For Just $140, Is It Possible I Could Look Like George Clooney?

I am sure my wife would gladly spend that much money if such a thing were possible.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, here is a clip from an interview George did with reporter Tracy Smith on the CBS Morning Show:

Some people are wondering if this is just another one of Clooney’s pranks, which he is famous for. However, he did appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show after his interview, and gives a brief demo of how to use the product (this pat of the interview starts at 5:26):

The company that makes the Flowbee had already been doing a brisk business this year with the lockdowns, but this endorsement crashed the Flowbee website, and currently, all of their products are out of stock.

So, unfortunately, my plans to look like Clooney may have to be delayed a bit longer.

But that’s fine; I’ve been stuck with my current look for 63 more years; what’re a few more weeks…

38 thoughts on “For Just $140, Is It Possible I Could Look Like George Clooney?

  1. Wow that’s famous person for you. He said the word and everyone goes and grabbed everything he mentioned πŸ˜‚ Me? If he give to me for free, I’ll ask to have him sign it so I can sell it for a fortune 🀭 I like him as an actor but I don’t care about else about him.

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  2. I do get a kick out of Infomercials though I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything before. Maybe you’ve found your new calling when you eventually retire. “Hey, ma. If it’s good enough for Professor Borden, we should get it.”

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  3. I saw that interview and wasn’t sure how serious to take him. I can assure you there is nobody on a movie set doing their hair with a Flowbee, but in his regular life, why not. With all the movies he has done, he can probably do his own make up too. As for the wife, it is obvious she wasn’t marrying for looks to start with…LOL!

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  4. he is such a fun person in so many ways, and the flowbee just adds to the mix. I’m sure your wife would soon tire of you ‘cloonyishness’ and miss you for your classic borden style.

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  5. Does George Clooney do acting anymore or just product endorsements? He’s the face of an ad that sells coffee machines here in the UK or is he just locking down the market for all gadgets that have increased demand because of the pandemic?

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  6. I must admit that my appearance has eroded during the pandemic. Being retired, staying at home, and only going out for the basics has required the wearing of a baseball cap to corral my misbehaving locks. My wife has helped me manage by assisting with a haircut. I certainly don’t look as dignified as George Clooney, but I am content to wait for a “professional” haircut . . . way down the road.

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