I’m Glad This Only Happens Every Four Years

I don’t know why I do this to myself, but I can’t pull myself away from watching the election returns.

I know it’s still way too early to call the election at this point (10:30 pm), but I am still feeling quite anxious.

And the different way votes are coming in from the various states is making it quite difficult to predict an outcome even when a good percentage of the votes are in.

So my guess is that I’ll be going to bed before there is a clear winner.

I’m also guessing that I’ll be checking my phone throughout the night.

If I’m this nervous, I can’t imagine what it is like for the two candidates…

*image from BBC

57 thoughts on “I’m Glad This Only Happens Every Four Years

  1. I was shocked four years ago, which isn’t close to how I’m feeling right now. I understand that there is a certain plus/minus factor with polls, but many people must not have told the truth. I find that disturbing. I know Biden wasn’t a great candidate, but I feel like I’ve been watching a different movie than most people.

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  2. Fingers crossed that you hear the news/outcome you are wanting., Jim…I keep looking at the stats but also reading about what is planned if the votes don’t go the right way ..Disappointing hearing some of the comments …

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  3. I feel your pain, my friend. I stayed up as long as I dared and slept horribly wondering what the outcome would be. I am ready for this to be over, but also worry about our future if we find ourselves so divided as a nation. And, in the end, there is still Covid to deal with, regardless of who wins. Stay strong and keep up the faith!

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  4. I felt sick with what I saw on TV. I can’t imagine what it’s like for you and your compatriots. If the ‘most powerful man in the world’ behaves like this, what chance is there for the rest of us?

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  5. In one college library where I worked, two library assistants (who were neighbours) always took the day after a UK election as annual leave. They would sit up all night with bottles of beer, as if it were a football match, following the results coming in.
    I was working in Islington the year Tony Blair’s Labour party was elected. The day results were confirmed, you’d have been justified in thinking it was the Second Coming. (He lived in Islington then.)
    I kept my mouth shut.
    I’m not a political follower, but Blair’s supercillious, patronising tone had alienated me when I first saw him interviewed as Shadow Business Secretary before his rise to fame. I never saw any reason to change my opinion.

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    1. that sounds like a fun way to watch an election. I did not know Blair was from Islington; I rremember visitng there when we were living in London – seemed like a very nice neighborhood. I think your decision to stay queit was the right move, sometimes it just isn’t worth it…

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    1. I doubt the rest of the world cares what happens. Your country has spent four years in malicious, back biting, hate filled rhetoric. Your states don’t apparently know how to capably run elections and your politicians and public don’t know how to lose with good grace. Your country has a supremely biased and lying media system – on both the left and right. You don’t know what you don’t know. You only know what your are being fed in your bubble.
      The only thing the world might hope for is that someday your country figures out how to be a united country in fact, rather than just in name.

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      1. it will be nice if we can get back on the path to living up to our ideals…
        and based on some comments on my blog and headlines I’ve seen from newspapers around the world, it seems like many people outside the U.S. do care about the election…

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  6. The best way to calm nerves during election night.was to sleep through it in an anesthesia fog. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had outpatient surgery and anesthesia knocks me out! I am coming more out of the fog today.

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