Music Monday: Sesame Street, PBS Kids, and Schoolhouse Rock Working to Get Out the Vote

It may not be quite true that everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten, but we certainly learned a lot at such a young age.

Here are three short songs (one minute each) about voting that are geared towards the younger crowd, but they are good reminders for all of us.

Here’s a simple song from Sesame Street. What a great idea to get young people educated and excited about voting, and you can’t get much younger than this.

Here’s one from PBS Kids that also talks about the value of voting:

And finally here is one from Schoolhouse Rock that not only encourages people to get out and vote but also briefly explains the whole Presidential election process. All in one minute.

Voting really should be as simple as these videos make it seem…

*source for these songs: Seattle’s Child

**image from Teaching Tolerance

37 thoughts on “Music Monday: Sesame Street, PBS Kids, and Schoolhouse Rock Working to Get Out the Vote

  1. We got into this at my elementary school. I built a couple of “voting booths” out of refrigerator boxes and had the kids vote for our Student Council representatives. Of course, first, they had to register to vote—lots of fun in a fairly simplistic manner.

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  2. You can never start too young in developing a sense of patriotism and pride in our democratic electoral process. Politics is not always pretty, but the right to vote and choose our leaders is a beautiful gift. Great post, Jim!

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  3. I love these, and yes, good for any age. today in my class, we’ll be voting on which ice cream to have, and learn the power of the vote and how it can have a real effect on your life.

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  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for the right outcome, both for the US and the world as a whole. These videos are great (I couldn’t watch the PBS one, as their take on democracy didn’t extend to making it available to view here!) and get to the heart of what the process should be. Sadly, suppression of rights and the crazy electoral college system get in the way of how the decision should be made: on the basis of the popular vote, without legal shenanigans.

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    1. thanks for watching the videos, I don’t understand why some videos can’t be watched in certain locations. It would be nice if it was just a simple majority wins; I would feel fairly confident in such a case that Biden would win. We should start to know some things in about 12 hours…

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      1. You need to include us in your electorate: a survey published today showed a 74-26 split in favour of Biden, and if that had been translated into our parliamentary model Trump would have lost all 630 of the constituencies. Fingers crossed…

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  5. Very cool post, Jim! I love the hula hoops! Maybe I should have hula hooped to the polls this morning! Schoolhouse Rock was my favorite cartoon shorts when I was a kid. “Broadcast their attentions….” Wonder if they had Trump in mind in 2002? The “Presidential Minute” didn’t air until August 27, 2002. Maybe is should have been called “Feed My Ego or I Might Die”. Children….this is how not to act! 🙂

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  6. Nine States have 50% of the population. But, your country is called the United STATES of America, not the ‘Nine States of America’. The intent of the Electoral College was to give the smaller states a voice in choosing the President, right?

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