Well, That Was Kind of a Letdown

It only took five years and ten months.

But then it happened.

Shortly after I woke up this morning (OK, 10 seconds) I checked my blog stats and at some point during the night, somebody, somewhere in the world made a questionable choice. He or she decided to follow my blog, and in so doing, became follower number 1,000 of Borden’s Blather. It may very likely have been a case of drunk following.

I’ve been keeping my eye on my followers number for a while, and to be honest, I thought it would be more exciting than it actually turned out to be.

I wasn’t sure what to expect; perhaps a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of champagne from WordPress? Seth Godin sending me a congratulatory tweet? Villanova canceling classes tomorrow?

Well, none of that happened, and I’m OK with that (at least I am after several hours).

And now my followers will be happy to know that I probably won’t be talking about my stats for quite a while. The next stat on my horizon is beating Cal Ripken’s consecutive streak of 2,632 games by having 2,633 straight days of blogging.

Right now I am at 2,132, which means that unless there is some freakish stat event, I plan to go 500 days without talking about my stats. I know many of you are silently thrilled to hear that.

In closing, let me thank everyone who has been so encouraging of my blogging over the past 70 months. It has been a pleasure getting to know many of you through your posts and comments, and I look forward to the next 70 months.

*image from Do the Bay

72 thoughts on “Well, That Was Kind of a Letdown

  1. How about if I unfollow you, then follow you again? Then you can celebrate reaching 1,000 a second time.

    But congrats on reaching the milestone. I wish you luck beating Ripken’s record.

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    1. Followers come and go. Numbers change, and most bloggers don’t notice, because they don’t pay enough attention. I passed the 1000 mark three times – once, one day – twice the next, until it finally took. πŸ™‚

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  2. It seems like the 1,000th Borden follower should get something out of this deal. Here are a few suggestions:

    1. A set of tires from your famous tire post.
    2. A copy of the book “How to Lie with Statistics.”
    3. A copy of the video of you falling asleep in class.

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    1. 1. Lego tires would make a nice, low cost gift…

      2. is this lying with statistics: Between me and President Obama, we average 62 millions Twitter followers. I can come up with a lot more; no need for the book…

      3. There’s a lot more videos of my students falling asleep…

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  3. Congratulations, my friend! A great reason for celebration. I look forward to your posts every day. I never know what to expect, and that is half of the fun. You always seem to find a unique perspective or humorous slant to deliver information with. Your writing style is smooth and conversational with an organized delivery. You are just plain enjoyable to read, Jim! I will be here for your record breaking post and, by then, I am sure your followers will have grown even more. You should be proud of what you have accomplished!

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    1. Well-stated, Brad. I think it is the eclectic nature of Jim’s posts that I find the most appealing. Also, his kind nature always shines through. He reminds me of my oldest brother, who is super intelligent while remaining humble.

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  4. Congratulations on your milestone achievement! I look forward to many more posts from you. I hope WordPress did at least send you the β€˜1000 followers’ badge to display on your site.

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      1. Mine arrived in my notifications, then I just had to screenshot and crop it. Hopefully yours will be there for you! If not, screenshot mine – I won’t tell anyone …

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      2. What are friends for?

        I’ve just posted my #SongOfTheDay on the blog’s Facebook page: Old Crow Medicine Show’s β€˜Pray For America.’ It seemed right! Hope you found your inspiration – I’ll be looking for your post.

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  5. I hope you are sending out the prize post haste! Congrats and while I haven’t been a part of your following for as long as you’ve been writing, I’m happy to be one of a thousand.

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    1. thanks, Beth. You are one of my most loyal readers and commenters, and I am grateful for your support…

      the prize is in the mail, can’t promise when it might be delivered… πŸ™‚

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  6. Congrats on 1000! Woohoo! Drunk or not….don’t matter, they count! πŸ™‚ I like that you are working towards Cal Ripken’s record. That’s an awesome goal! Maybe I could represent for 3000 consecutive posts in honor of Nolan Ryan’s 3000th strikeout. hmmmm! I gotta long way to go!!!! πŸ™‚

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