Day One of WordPress Stats Detox Completed…

My name is Jim, and I look at my WordPress stats way too much.

Part of the problem is that I have the WP app on my phone, and it is just so easy to check my stats when I’ve got a few free seconds. And it seems like I’ve got way too many “a few free seconds” available to me.

So early this morning I took the bold step of deleting the app of my phone.

It shouldn’t be much of a loss, since checking my stats was all I really used the app for. On a rare occasion, I’ve used the app to edit a post that had already been published, but I can certainly get by without that feature.

I’ve now gone over 12 hours without using my phone to check my stats (I still check them on my laptop, but not nearly as often), and I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. My stats seemed to function just fine without my constant checking in on them.

So I think I’ll be good with this change.

The only problem will be figuring out what to do with the four hours I just freed up every day… πŸ™‚

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65 thoughts on “Day One of WordPress Stats Detox Completed…

      1. Try a ukulele. Much easier off the bat. I gave one to a co-worker, a real backwoods-hunter type. Never thought he’d go for it – and he loves it! He’s been playing for a few years now. I was so thankful to be able to give him that joy in his life.

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  1. Come on Jim. You know you want to look at your stats more often. Now get on your phone and reinstall that app. You know you want to. The app is waiting. Waiting just for you, Jim.

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  2. I believe this is a twelve-step program, Jim. Don’t forget to apologize to all of your loved ones whom you need to make peace with over this issue. 😎

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  3. “Sir, just put the phone down and back away and no one will get hurt!” I see you have taken the bold move of going cold turkey and facing your withdrawal symptoms rather than a slow, painful weening from your addiction. I have never used the app on the phone, but now I understand why checking your stats so frequently was possible. I check once in the morning and once at night. That seems frequent enough for me. I wish you well on your new stat sobriety!

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  4. I deleted Facebook, twitter, insta and most recently APPLE NEWS from my phone with the same goal, to free up time and stop wasting time and brain cells on things I know are not good for inner peace… trouble is I can still go to Safari and check them!

    I want to delete Safari from my phone but was told that would render it useless. But I do hate how 24/7 access to these addictive apps steals my time.

    When I gave up Facebook for Lent a few years ago, I instead developed an addiction to Twitter, which is even worse than Facebook because it is where all the news first.

    Pick your poison!

    But the best way for me to break my phone addiction is to turn off the ringer and put it someplace where I forget to even check it … but then hours later I check it to find I’ve missed calls and texts I needed to respond to.

    Oh well. The world keeps turning.

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    1. who knew we needed our own phone with us 24/7? I deleted all my news apps as well a while ago, but just recently added NPR. I don’t check the news nearly as much as I used to. Hope all is well with you, Susan…


      1. I tired, and I didn’t see a change. Not sure how quickly stats are updated though. So does it count each visit as a separate view, or just the first time you visit the post?


  5. I’ve also had to detox from looking at stats lol. But for me it was with YouTube. I was checking every couple of hours, but now that I’m focused on WordPress I haven’t been thinking about YouTube as much haha

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  6. Wow! What are you going to do with the extra four hours? Hmm, I am sure the “imagination of Jim” will find something. As for playing the guitar, it’s even more challenging when you have two left hands.

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  7. Now , I have a problem coming!! Yes I too check my stats in the morning and every other boring moment πŸ™‚… No deletion now… till it’s a full blown addiction… An honest eye-opening account, thank you

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  8. Ahh! I had missed this post. But I will say Bravo to you again for cutting back, and look, you are surviving! A shocker! I have the WP app on my phone, but I don’t use it to check stats, so I think I am OK. πŸ™‚
    You have more time now to think of creative posts and hey wasn’t it you that mentioned in a post, about counting the bricks on your house? See, I remember your posts!

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    1. Yes, I still have that to do. I am saving that for when I am desperate, which I am getting right now. But it’s too dark outside to go count bricks…


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