Check Out the Best (i.e., Worse) Click Bait Headlines Ever and You’ll Never…

I was just reading a story about how Taboola Ltd.’s deal to acquire Outbrain Inc. has been called off, putting an end to an attempt to combine the internet’s two largest content-recommendation companies.

Taboola and Outbrain are known for generating the “promoted stories” or “around the web” sections that appear at the bottom of news stories on various websites. The links are often advertisements crafted to resemble news stories.

Taboola and Outbrain, which dominate their industry, pay publishers for the right to have a feed of third-party content featured at the bottom of news stories. Both personalize their recommendations based on users’ browsing history.

They in turn are paid by the groups whose items they promote, which are often clickbait-style slideshows designed to be hard for readers to resist.

One of the first thoughts that came into my mind – I wonder if there is a web site that might list some of the best clickbait headlines of all time, and Ranker came to the rescue once again.

Here are some of my favorite of the top-ranked (i.e., worst) clickbait headlines. None of these are clickable, you can thank me in the comments 🙂

oola, Outbrain

Admit it, there were some of those you wish you could click on.

I think that would be a fun job; coming up with a headline and an image that somebody just couldn’t resist clicking on.

It’s the ultimate Internet challenge, and who doesn’t like a good challenge?

And who wouldn’t want to cut their grocery bill by 90%

43 thoughts on “Check Out the Best (i.e., Worse) Click Bait Headlines Ever and You’ll Never…

  1. I’m don’t think I’m the target audience for click-bait. I don’t find most of the headlines that interesting. About the only one I was curious about was the paycheck for the McDonald’s worker.

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    1. Sometimes they might actually write about something I am interested in, but I hate it when it is a list of 20 or so items, and you have to keep clicking one entry at a time to move forward…

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