The Sweet Sounds of Summer

There are lots of sounds associated with summer.

Waves crashing.



The ice cream truck.

Early morning birds.


The crack of the bat and the smack of the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt.

There’s even a song of the summer each year.

But I think my favorite sound, and one I just heard (and hence prompted this post), is the sound of kids laughing and playing outside.

Especially once the sun goes down.

I remember 20-25 years ago when our kids would play Hide and Seek or Ghosts in the Graveyard or basketball under a spotlight, and how much fun they seemed to have.

As I sit here now, with our windows open, I can hear another generation of kids doing the same thing.

It’s nice to see some traditions continue, especially at a time when so many things are not like they used to be.

So three cheers to the wonderful sounds of summer.

And don’t ask me what Ghosts in the Graveyard is, I just remember our kids loved playing it…

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51 thoughts on “The Sweet Sounds of Summer

  1. Awh! Love your sounds and yes kids laughter is always a sweet sound! I remember those summer days of playing til dark then having to wash our feet, for of course we were barefoot. πŸ™‚
    And yes memories of my kids playing with their friends!
    Did you live close to a graveyard? LOL!

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  2. The sound of kids laughing in the evening hours is always refreshing. Unless they’re vandalizing my house.
    We never played Ghosts in the Graveyard. We did play something called, Piggy Wants a Wiggle, but I can’t remember the rules. I just remember it was fun.

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  3. I am watching a summer’s day dawn here…and remember playing out till after darkness fell. It was always magical to watch the stars come out while it was still warm outside πŸ™‚

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  4. Fun post Jim. I was cutting grass last week while the twins from next door were throwing a softball around in the court. I could hear them and the sound of the ball hitting a mitt over the sound of the mower. Their joy made my chore easier. I haven’t heard or seen an ice cream truck in years. That would be a nice sound to hear.

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  5. The sound of children laughing and having fun never gets old, especially on a summer night when they can stay outside and play longer.

    I wish I were there to set the scene. “Great news, kids. You’ve just given me a great idea for my blog! Ice cream for everyone!” 😜

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  6. I have a baseball field and small playground behind the house. I have yet too hear those lovely sounds of kids playing like I used to. That sound alone would make me feel like things were returning to normal a bit. I used to be able to hear bats ringing with each hit as they practiced almost every evening. Great post, Jim! It delivers a sense of youthful joy all of us are missing!

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  7. I so agree! Love watching and listening to the neighbor kids running around, giggling and laughing. My first grand baby is due on Aug 24th. Can’t wait until next summer when she visits I can hear her laughing and giggling as she runs around the yard!! Oh.. the ice cream truck is a close second!!

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