How Do All These People Have Each Other’s Phone Numbers?

I’m starting to wonder if there is a master list somewhere of the phone numbers of all the famous people in the world, and once you become one of those famous people, somebody loads all of the other famous people’s contact info on to your phone.

For example, when a golfer wins a tournament, he tells people the next day that he received hundreds of congratulatory texts, and drops the names of several celebrities. How do those celebrities have the golfer’s phone number to send him a text? I can’t even imagine that all of the professional golfers in the world have each other’s phone numbers, but I guess they do.

Or when an actress wins an Oscar, she tells the press that she was busy answering text messages all night, from people like Beyonce and Meryl Streep. How is that possible?

It seems the only viable explanation is for there to be a copy of a master cellphone list of famous people that you get when you become a member of that club.

And here are some guesses I have about the requirements to be a member of that club, and my chances of qualifying

Money? Fail.

Looks? Fail.

Accomplished something notable? Fail.

More than 10,000 Twitter followers? Fail.

So the only way for me to get a hold of that list would be to buy off the dark web. But I don’t even know if it could be found there.

But if I did somehow got hold of that list, I’d spend the day texting with Springsteen, Obama, Oprah, Sebastian Maniscalco, Anna Kendrick, Tiger. The list would go on and on. Of course,Β  the odds of any of them responding would be quite slim, but the odds of being blocked are quite high.

I guess I should set my sights a bit lower, like at least having the cell phone number of the people in the business school at Villanova. At this point, I’ve only got the contact info for about five people in the business school, out of about 200 employees.

But I’d be just as worried that if I texted one of my fellow employees, they would also block me, just like Oprah.

So maybe I’ll just keep my five names and be happy.

*image from ListToday – I realize it needs some updating…

P.S. I wonder if famous people have a secret handshake too…

29 thoughts on “How Do All These People Have Each Other’s Phone Numbers?

  1. Good questions. I have just under 1,400 contacts in my phone. Most are family and friends, business contacts, a few people who died over the years , a sitting governor and a handful of nerdy bloggers πŸ™„

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  2. I tell all my friends that I’m hooked up with Borden’s Blather. You should see the looks of admiration.πŸ˜‰

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  3. I’d never think of the phone list mystery. Maybe it IS just when you get famous enough and everyone knows you, so they send you a text and of course you would anwser Beyonce rather than your old neighbour?!

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    1. So I guess I should just make my phone number public so that all these famous people can contact me? I’ll see how long it takes Beyonce to get in touch with me…


  4. How to Contact Famous Celebrities —

    Jensen Comment
    Many celebrities (think politicians) have contact offices where messages are filtered with only a small number actually being seen by celebrities.
    If you search for a celebrity’s office I found Duck Duck Go to be a better search engine that Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. —

    Duck Duck Go is also better when you are searching for a home page such as the home page of the Sunset Hill House Hotel where somehow booking agencies have managed to get priority listings in the search engine hits ahead of home pages.

    Compare looking for “Sunset Hill House Hotel” with the following two search engines:

    But Duck Duck Go is not perfect when searching for celebrities. Then try

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    1. Hi Bob, thanks for all these suggestions – I’ll take a look at your links later today. After I do, it looks like I’ll be busy contacting lots of famous people!


  5. I hate to burst any conspiracy bubbles here, but more often than not they get the numbers from their agent. The agents all know each other at that level and often facilitate their clients communications with other celebrities. You can still dream though, Jim! We have to get you a good agent!

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  6. Never thought of this, seems like most of the texts I get lately are from my kids wanting to know if I have any extra TP. So I guess I’m not a candidate for the celebrity phone number list. 😊


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