Who Would Get Dressed Up Like This for a Basic Videoconference?!

The Wall Street Journal is at it again, sharing outrageous-looking and even more outrageously-priced clothing, with their readers. (at least in my opinion!)

I will give the reporter, Jacob Gallagher, props, however, for linking the style recommendations to a timely topic – the increased use of videoconferencing for work and pleasure.

Gallagher writes the following:

With working at home now the norm across much of the U.S., many of us are operating in flannel-and-terrycloth mode, but we’ll eventually leave the house again. And, in the meantime, someone’s got to enliven those endless videoconference calls. We advise that someone to consider a Crayola-colored suit.

I’m not sure I agree with the sentence I highlighted, but if there is someone who feels such a need, you can bet the house (or your finest suit), that it won’t be me.

My attire for every videoconference call I’ve had so far has been a t-shirt, jeans, and a cardigan. The last part of the outfit is my attempt to be like Mr. Rogers.

I have no intention of changing from my usual wardrobe.

But for any wackos men who may want to jazz things up a bit for your next videoconference, then this WSJ story is right up your alley.

Gallagher notes that at some of the recent fashion shows, unexpected colors for men’s suits seemed to be popular. Among the colors featured:

  • mustard yellow
  • tomato-sauce red
  • eggplant purple
  • flamingo-pink version
  • Caribbean turquoise
  • lime-green

Gallagher also notes that the world of entertainment has popularized some outlandish colors:

  • Joaquin Phoenix’s character in last year’s “Joker” wore a scarlet suit
  • Leonardo DiCaprio wore a pink suit as “The Great Gatsby” in 2013.
  • The comic-book villains of 1990’s “Dick Tracy” wore emerald and crimson suits.
  • Actors including Samuel L. Jackson and Timothée Chalamet have confidently walked the red carpet in Laffy Taffy-hued formal wear.
  • At a pre-Grammys party, Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, and Kevin Hart wore suits in pastel pink, baby blue, and emerald green

And outside the U.S., men seem to be a bit more daring:

  • tailors in Mumbai make suits in radiant reds and marigolds
  • in Congo, the dandies of Brazzaville (shown above) pride themselves on wearing suits in orange, blue and violet.

Dressing like this apparently does not come cheap, as shown in this photo from the WSJ:

POP GOES THE LAPEL From top left: Jacket, $2,065, givenchy.com; Trousers, $1,040, givenchy.com; Havana Suit, $599, suitsupply.com; Officine Générale Jacket, $585, mrporter.com; Pants, $250, officinegenerale.com; Jacket, $1,900, gabrielahearst.com; Trousers, $690, gabrielahearst.com. PHOTO: F. MARTIN RAMIN/THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, STYLING BY ANNE CARDENAS

So if the thought of dressing like this isn’t enough to stop you, perhaps the prices will…

*top image from Pinterest

38 thoughts on “Who Would Get Dressed Up Like This for a Basic Videoconference?!

  1. It is only in the past less than two hundred years that men have stopped dressing like peacocks and every now and then some of them break out again! That phrase ‘Crayola coloured suit’ is going to stay with me.


  2. I love men in colored suits. My husband used it a lot. But I think it’s wrong if people start using it because someone else mean so.


      1. Haha 😀 My husband never lack confidence. It’s a trait I hated (envy) and love about him 😆
        When it come suits. I think people should wear what they feel comfortable with


      1. I could wear a weird suit on Halloween but not to work or for a social occasion. I’m pretty straight laced but have a bit of admiration for people who are more unconventional.


  3. I’m looking forward to seeing you in your new suit. Just think of the number of new followers you’re bound to generate. What comes next? Astounding your students in class with your latest wardrobe? What’s the title of that John Lennon song—Imagine? On second thought, just stick with the t-shirt, jeans, and cardigan.😎


    1. If I started dressing like that for school, people would start to think something was wrong with me (or more wrong…). Yes, I plan to stick to the basics, as I am sure you would.
      If it meant more followers…


  4. And the marketing train lumbers on…Me I love it! ..Over the years I have tried to get my hubby to brighten up his wardrobe…sigh..with no success. The only exception when he was happy to oblige was when we attended a fancy dress and he could wear his pink drapes a throw back to his youth…


    1. I had to look up what a drape was… I admire your husband’s willingness to wear a pink suit. I just don’t think I could do it, not even on Halloween…


  5. If what we wear on the outside can effect how we feel on the inside, then I am all for wearing whatever empowers you. I think you would have to be a fairly confident person to pull these colors off, but for some it may be a shout for attention. I have worn worse on the golf course. Great post, Jim!


    1. Thanks, Brad. I think you are right about the confidence, I don’t have enough to pull off something like this. I also agree that the golf course is another place where some men like to wear bright colors – maybe that’s why I don’t golf (talent, or lack thereof, is probably another reason).


  6. I’ll stick with pin striped suits, grey and black are my favorites. They go with any shirt and tie. That’s where I add my color – coordinated shirt and tie. I hate blue suits. Just ugly.
    Last week I put on a dress shirt for a video call with my manager and he was in a t-shirt! Yesterday my wife asked me why I was wearing a shirt that I need to iron. It kind of makes me feel like I’m going to work.
    Guess it’s time to go back to sweat shirts!


    1. I like the tone that your boss is setting! I like gray and dark blue suits. And I do like to wear a colorful tie, but with either a blue or white shirt. But I see your point that what you wear may help put you in work mode. Hope work is going well!


  7. i’m excited to have a nice shirt on for my videoconferences, and that’s not guaranteeing i’m not wearing pj pants )


  8. Might need to get my sunglasses out for some of these suits!!!! Although they do look fun and exciting, I can’t imagine my reaction if my husband was wearing an orange suit!!!


    1. maybe I’ll try a compromise with a pair of khakis and a polo shirt – thanks for the suggestion, Robbie!
      (found this in my spam folder for some reason, sorry for the delay in responding)


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