Please Put Politics Aside and Just Work Together to Solve the Problem

I’ve expressed my political beliefs before; I am not a fan of President Trump and many of my views would be labeled as socialistic.

As a result, I was tempted to write a post that was going to include a few anti-Trump and pro-socialist memes that I have recently found across the Internet, memes that I found myself agreeing with what they had to say about our country’s reaction to the covid-19 pandemic.

But I am sure there are other memes out there that are pro-Trump and anti-socialism.

So I thought, what’s the point of adding to the noise. If somebody wants to find memes that support their beliefs, then they can do so.

I appreciate my fellow bloggers who keep me aware of what is going on with the virus, with Washington, D.C., with our country, and with the world. I hope they continue to do so because they can do it so much better than I can.

I think the most important thing we can do as a country to stop the spread of covid-19 is to simply put politics aside and do what is best for the country. Figure out what is the best way to solve the problem, and act together to do so.

I also think we should act as a country, not as 50 separate states. Why are there different rules in place in terms of work, schools, sheltering in place, etc. across all the states? Shouldn’t there be just one policy for every citizen of the U.S. to follow?

If we need to stay six feet apart, then that’s what should be doing, no questions asked.

If we need to wear a mask of some type when we go out in public, then that’s what we should be doing, no questions asked (this seems to be the latest recommendation.

If we need companies to make ventilators and PPE, then that’s what companies should be doing, no questions asked.

If we need our leaders to do what’s best for our country, then that’s what they should be doing, no questions asked, and putting politics aside.

Remember how the country cheered as one when the U.S. hockey team beat the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics? Remember the chants of USA! USA! USA!? (If you don’t remember it, here’s a link to a video of the last 60 seconds of the game. I get goosebumps every time I watch it.)

Well, we need to unite as one just like we did back then, but this time it’s the U.S. vs. covid-19. My money is on the U.S., but we need to work together to make sure the game doesn’t go into overtime.

Maybe what we need is another Hands Across America event – but this time we stand six feet apart…


Stay safe, and thank you to all the helpers out there…


30 thoughts on “Please Put Politics Aside and Just Work Together to Solve the Problem

  1. I totally agree. We need to marshall all of this country’s industrial resources and work together. To paraphrase the Governor of Washington state, we need to turn lose the arsenal of democracy to fight this pandemic.


  2. Trump may be remembered in the future as the President who said the virus would not come to America. I feel for you as I doubt your words will be heard. Our President is fighting a difficult battle and I hope we fare better.


    1. it is a challenging situation, and I would not want to be in Trump’s shoes. But he swore to protect the USA, and he needs to live up to that promise. I wish you and your countrymen the best as well.


    2. Our confirmed infections jumped again yesterday, Tandy, and there are two new deaths which are being confirmed as Covid-19 related. I don’t think it matters what you do as a leader at a time like this, it will be wrong. It is always easy to judge from the outside of a situation. I have learned that lesson well over the past 2 1/2 years.


      1. as long as the leaders are honest about what is going on, relying on the assistance of experts, and giving hope to others, then that is all we could ask of them


  3. Hi Jim, I liked your post. I agree that putting our personal views aside at the moment and going for mass positive action is better. I feel for all our leaders who are struggle to balance individual health needs with a floundering economy. We are all in lock down and I try not to think about what the situation will be when we emerge in 2 weeks time. Already, I am seeing a lot of price sensitive announcements as companies withdraw performance guidance and seek to prepare shareholders for the worst. Employees are already being prepared for salary cuts of 40% or are losing their jobs entirely. This is an economic disaster.


    1. thanks, Robbie. It is a frightening time, and I also wonder what the world will look like when this starts to subside and we start to get back on our feet again. I think it will be quite different from what we are are used to; let’s hope the worst part will be over soon…


  4. I agree with everything you say 100%, Jim. One party never has the market on morality or right and wrong. Get the ventilators made, protect the medical personnel who risk their lives each day, and respect the science. Why does it take the government to tell us to stay home when we all know it’s the right thing to do? All of this piecemeal legislation from the states will just drag this thing out longer and cost more lives. We’ll have to worry about getting the economy back on its feet after we get this under control.

    The governor in California in conjunction with the superintendent of education recommended schools close for the rest of the year yesterday, and our county schools followed through with that today.


    1. thanks for your insights, Pete. When you say that they are recommending that schools close for the rest of the year, does that mean the school year or calendar year?


  5. For the first time ever I found myself agreeing with something Trump said, when he described our (UK) government’s response to Covid-19 as ‘catastrophic.’ He was right but I wonder why he said it? An attempt to deflect criticism of his government’s equally ineffective response, perhaps? As you say, politics has no place in a situation like this but some are incapable of understanding that, or acting on it.

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    1. I think every country is struggling right now with how best to respond to the pandemic. And it doesn’t help when you mix in politics with your response…


      1. True, it just seems that some are struggling more than others. Sadly, politics presses its way into every aspect of life: often, not for the better.


    1. Who wasn’t a hockey back during the 1980 Olympics?! I guess since I didn’t grow up playing it, I never felt an attachment to it like I have with other sports. I’ll admit it is a great sport.


  6. Sorry Jim. Your post makes way too much sense. The overriding issue for the current administration is “loyalty” to an individual not loyalty to the country. Sadly and dangerously, civilian leaders are even politicizing the military, an organization that must remain devoutly apolitical to maintain effectiveness.


    1. We need to keep our system of checks and balances in place, and not let one individual or branch of government get too much power. It was crazy watching Trump’s press conferences where many of the speakers first gave Trump a glowing tribute. I’m not sure if that is still happening, but it was completely unnecessary.


  7. I am more of a conservative than you, I am guessing, but I agree that we need to put politics aside. Sadly, that rarely happens. And everyone thinks they are right. I am glad you started a civilized conversation!


  8. Great call for collective action Jim. As an outsider I’m often left wondering about the great divide in the US. If this common enemy can’t unite the country I’m not sure what can.


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