The Naked, and Disgusting, Truth about Sleeping in the Nude

This is why I love the Wall Street Journal.

Sure, its editorial pages are often a little too conservative for me, and I can get a lot of the market news elsewhere.

But it’s got AHED stories, a sports page,  and stories like this one, in today’s paper (by Jacob Gallagher):

Sleeping Nude: Liberating or Unhygienic?

I guess this is the sort of story that would be of interest to Wall Street types, and the curious, like me.

Personally, I can’t imagine sleeping in the nude, and as usual, I just assumed most people are like me. But once again, the reality is they are not. A 2018 survey by Mattress Advisor found that 58% of the 1,000 participants slept completely nude.

Here are some of the reasons people offered:

  •  “I find slumbering in the buff more comfortable than wearing bunchy underwear.”
  • if you go to bed wearing warm pajamas or even boxers (depending on how hot your bedroom is) your body temperature might start too high. As it ticks up, so will your discomfort.
  • “I toss and turn, and felt twisted up in the stuff that I wore.”

But none of those reasons seems to outweigh the following observation made in the story:

If you took a black light to the sheets of a nude sleeper, he explained, you might detect fecal matter or urine.

Who in their right mind would want to sleep in the nude once you are aware of such a possible outcome?

In fact, after reading that, I feel like doubling-up on how much I wear when I go to bed…

One other benefit of wearing something when you go to sleep is that you cut down on possible awkward moments when you get up in the middle of the night and run into someone in the hallway.

So “bottom” line, get some pajamas or at least keep those boxers on.

Your bed sheets and housemates will thank you.

*image from Forbes

28 thoughts on “The Naked, and Disgusting, Truth about Sleeping in the Nude

  1. Yes and in California we worry about earthquakes waking us up in the middle of the night too haha. Nice to have the pajamas on just in case. 🙃


    1. As a fellow Californian, I concur. We want to look good in an earthquake. 😎 I shouldn’t joke; we’ve had two good ones in the past two weeks along with the rest of this madness.


  2. Me—sleeping in the nude? Nobody wants to see that. I think the National Enquirer may pay me not to publish the photos.


  3. I used to prefer sleeping in the nude once the kids had left home and I was living alone (I was lucky enough to have a secluded part of the garden where I could sunbathe unseen too). Since remarrying I wear pyjamas, as my husband does. I might still dispense with them if the weather is uncomfortably hot (a rare occurence in the UK) but nowadays, without them I feel… naked.


  4. i will reserve a personal story, but what about washing the sheets and having a set of jammies at the ready in case of emergency or late night need to move to another room? just asking –


  5. OK, I wear pajamas to bed, but now I feel like I am conforming. I love being in the minority, but this would be a difficult change. Like most, I simply worry that I will have to awaken in the middle of the night to an emergency of some kind. If I am already dressed in some fashion, it leaves me time to put on my cape! 😁


  6. My late ex-husband used to sleep nude, but NEVER in my life have I considered it. The main reason is … what if the house catches fire and i barely have time to get out? Am I going to be standing in the middle of the street stark naked??? No way! I’m like you, I feel like doubling up and wearing a pair of sweats over my jammies tonight. Yuck, just yuck!


    1. I guess I’m a creature of habit; when I was a little kid I wore pajamas and it seemed to work fine, so why change as an adult? and yuck says it all!


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