Sometimes, All You Want Is Mom

We were riding a crowded train earlier today, standing next to a young family who had a child in a stroller.

The child appeared to be about 18 months old, and at first, seemed content to just sit in the stroller. However, after a couple of minutes, she became upset about something and started crying, with the crying becoming louder and louder and more persistent.

The dad tried everything to stop the crying, starting with trying to get his daughter to sit properly in the stroller. That didn’t work.

Then he started rocking the stroller back and forth. That didn’t work.

Then he got out a spray bottle, the kind that gives off a fine mist. He sprayed the mist directly into the child’s face, several times. To no one’s surprise, well at least mine, that didn’t work either. In fact, the screaming intensified every time he sprayed the mist.

He then took out his phone and opened up a kid’s video. He put the video one inch from his daughter’s face, trying to get her to watch it. I could see her little hand at work, trying to swat the phone away. If you guessed that this just made things worse, you would be correct.

So now we had a child who was inconsolable, and a dad who was also on the edge of a meltdown.

Enter the hero of the moment – mom.

She unbuckled the child, even though her husband didn’t seem to be a fan of the idea.

The mom then lifted her daughter out of the stroller and wrapped her in a big hug, with the child’s head nestling comfortably into the mom’s shoulder.

I bet you can guess what effect this had.

The child immediately calmed down, and all seemed right with the world again.

Three cheers for mom…

*image from Mommie Nearest

17 thoughts on “Sometimes, All You Want Is Mom

  1. Mothers do have the advantage of having those great comforters – breasts, so little ones are either still using them or have comforting memories of them! But public transport and shops etc can be a nightmare for parents, either praying baby stays asleep or at least in a good mood. I guess the worst is to be on an aeroplane with no hope of getting off!


    1. I think crying babies upset the parents more than anyone else; the sound has never bothered me, except when it was my own children. Now I try to smile at the parents of a crying baby to let them know it’s OK…


  2. Do you ever see the old sitcom, Father Knows Best, starring Robert Young? I’m afraid they got the title wrong.

    I’m at that age were everything reminds me of a story, and people must think, “Oh, God! There he goes again.” I can’t help remembering the first time we flew cross-country with my son on my lap. When he was teething, my relatives dubbed him with the nickname, “Cryin Ryan.” Our pediatrician recommended a low dose of children’s Tylenol. Thankfully, he did well flying all the way from California to New York. I remember not wanting to wake him as he was resting contentedly. Each time the stewardess came by with drinks or a meal, I shook my head and politely declined. I seldom turn down food, but that was one occasion where his comfort took priority.


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